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The two stories Essay

In ” Of Mice and Men” lennie is a fully developed character compared to Isaac, this is why you don’t really know Isaac as well but with lennie you can relate to lennie and what he goes through. ” The ostler” is a short story so Isaacs’s character isn’t well developed. Lennie and Isaac are both treated like outsiders by various people, I think that lennie is more accepted in society than Isaac due to people feeling sorry for lennie, they don’t believe he could cause any trouble and they believe he is just like a child. Lennie relies on people to tell him what’s wrong and what’s right. Leninie is just a child in a grown- ups body.

Isaac I think is seen more as an outsider he doesn’t go out, he spends most of the time with his mother so he doesn’t really have time to go out and make friends. The only real friend he has got is his mother Mrs scratchard. Rebecca is just false and wants to kill Isaac just like in his dream. In mice of men, towards the end of the story, lennie’s s little puppy dies because lennie was playing to rough with it ” why did you have to go and get killed, you aint so small as mice, I didn’t bounce you hard” Lennie doesn’t realise what he’s done he only thinks that now he’s done something bad George wont let him tend the rabbits.

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While lennie is sitting there crying, Curleys wife comes in she said, ” What you got their sunny boy” lennie denies he has got anything, but Curley’s wife discovers the puppy. Lennie wont talk to Curley’s wife, George has told him to keep away because all she will cause is trouble and she’s dangerous. In the end lennie ends up talking to curleys wife and lennie starts saying that he likes stroking soft things and curleys wife lets him stroke her hair, but lennie starts to get rougher and wont stop and curleys wife starts to panic, ” Let Go”.

” You let go ” But when lennie ignores he curleys wife begins to scream and as she does this lennie gets angry so he started shaking her and then ” Her body flopped like a fish” lennie runs away and tries to find the place where George told him to hide if he was ever to get into trouble again. Curley and everyone find Curleys wife and go after lennie to kill him. George goes after him as well. George finds lennie first, lennie wants to hear about the rabbits, so George tells lennie to turn around and look at the fields and image what it would be like, as George tells the story lennie brings out a gun and shoots lennie in the head.

George does this himself because he doesn’t want anyone else killing lennie, he would rather kill him himself, and also after someone else shooting candy’s dog, candy wishes he shoot him himself. In the ostler Isaac doesn’t believe his mum, Mrs scratchard, about the dream. But after she died she warned Isaac not to go back. Isaac does go back through and after arguing with Rebecca he hits her Rebecca replies ” No man has ever struck me twice” and then she left saying they will see each other no more.

But on the seventh night before his birthday she come back, to rein act the dream, but as Isaac new what would happen he knew where she hide the knife, he took the knife and left her there and went away. Now Isaac lives in fear of Rebecca, he sleeps most nights well, through the year, but every time around his birthday he is worried in case she comes back and tries to rein act the dream again. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE John Steinbeck section.

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