The Truths About Religious Wars Essay

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The Truths About Religious Wars

A religion has always been coupled with the fate and faith and facts of life aiding it to decree the fact that the spreading of freedom of worship surrounding the whole world is a matter of righteousness spreading and right for every legal and illegal methodology for the sake of expanding the name of what or who is worshipped with the essence of having everyone else enter the new faith with the result of having more lands to open and conquer which lead to the expansion of the using of such lands with other religions to have a strong foot stand in a place which has no crime done except that these people, of conquered lands, have every sort of good in their countries which the lands which have such “religious” beliefs of the conquerors have not got, thus using the fact that religion is a manner of crusade, crucifixion or jihad for the sake of an unseen being who claims to have the guide of these followers and approver of their opening other lands for the sake and in the name of the religion they embrace under his sanctity.

Suhail H. Hashmi proposes that `The Islamic Concept of Jihad Is Comparable to the Christian Concept of a Just War”, which justifies the same fact that the crusades have been doing in the east in the early fifteenth century. These Justified Wars are but cover ups to use the fact that such people could ransack and theft all kinds of goods under the good tiding of a heaven promised to those who act according to their own god’s orders. John Woodward states that `Religion Causes War`. To what extent does this agree or disagree that faith plays an integral role in the current wars?

It plays the weakest role with the strongest commanders of the role but a greater effective method of conversing with weaker minds and more faithful hearts which will go around doing anything for God under the commands of their leaders believing that such actions are actually out of a sanctioned commander’s mind and strong relation between his and their god, having them understand that the truthful fact of such crusade or religious wars is on their own side, that anything done in this “jail-like secular world” is worth sacrificing for by eliminating such people who do not belong to the army of god’s people and as a faith that, if they leave earth in a war, they will become martyrs with the fact that the promised land will be given them (heavenly or secularly) which will spread more desire and put off anguish for such people who are weaker, whom such martyrs left behind, to live in a better more peaceful earth, according to the directions of their piety’s sacred books.

“Religious war is as old as Cain killing Able out of jealousy of an acceptable sacrifice. The Hebrews had gained their homeland through following God’s orders to invade a country and kill the sinful inhabitants. Muslims have used religion as a means for expansion since the 7th century, fighting jihads as they entered new lands. Muslim expansion continues under the flag of their religion.

Religious war has moved from the point that the only acceptable war was one with a Pope’s blessing, to become the most despicable type of war – as far as the west is concerned. This has gone to such an extreme that when attacked by Islamic terrorists (9/11), the response in America was the promotion of Islam in public education and more tolerance curriculum. President Bush proclaimed that Christians are “not at war with Islam” even through nearly 100% of global terrorism is implemented by Muslims.”(1)


(1) Rito Nostro, Religious War: The Journey,, 2000-2007,      Accessed 1st of March 2008,,

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