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The Truth About Smartphone Addiction

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (380 words)
Categories: Addiction, How Technology Affects Us, Smartphones
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Ajay Raj Sethuraman et al (2018) have done a study on “Smartphone addiction among medical college students in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands”. Their cross-sectional study was done among 192 medical students. A self-administered SAS scale has been used to assess the level of smartphone addiction. Subjects were classified into smartphone non-user groups, a low smartphone user group, and a high smartphone user group. They found that out of 192 subjects who completed the questionnaires 85.40% (n=164) had smartphone addiction.

Out of the total 192 students, 28 students (14.60%) were low smartphone users, of which 9 were boys (14.30%) and 19 were girls (14.70%) and Concluded that Medical college students in Andaman and Nicobar Islands are more vulnerable for smartphone addiction.

According to PratibhaKhosla et al (2017) from their exploratory descriptive study identified the Level of Smart Phone Addiction of Teenager B.SC Nursing Students with a sample size of 55, among 1st year and 2nd-year teenager B.Sc Nursing students selected conveniently. The findings of the study observed that 3 out of 55 respondents have a severe level of addiction, 30 out of 55 respondents have a moderate level of addiction and 22 out of 55 have a mild levels of addiction and the association between the smartphone addiction level among teenagers.

Pratibha Khosla et al The Level of Smart Phone Addiction among Teenager B.SC Nursing Students, Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Rev. Res., 46(1), September – October 2017; Article No. 17, Pages: 91-94.http://globalresearchonline.net/journalcontents/v46-1/17.pdf

Severin Haug et al (2015) took a convenience sample of 1,519 students from 127 Swiss vocational school classes who participated in a survey assessing demographic and health-related characteristics as well as indicators of smartphone use and addiction. Smartphone addiction was assessed using a short version of the Smartphone Addiction Scale for Adolescents (SAS-SV). They found that smartphone addiction occurred in 256 (16.9%) of the 1,519 students. Longer duration of smartphone use on a typical day, a shorter time period until first smartphone use in the morning, and reporting that social networking was the most personally relevant smartphone function were associated with smartphone addiction.

Smartphone addiction was more prevalent in younger adolescents (15–16 years) compared with young adults (19 years and older), students with both parents born outside Switzerland, persons reporting lower physical activity, and those reporting higher stress.

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