The Truth About Racism in Canada

People believe the hype that Canada is a nation of cultural tolerance but that’s totally not true. Racism is prejudice, judgment, or resentment directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s race is superior to the other{s}Racism is also a form of hate. Being racist is a choice; no one is born with hate implanted in them. Before I came to Canada, I did not experience any form of racism, for the couple of years I have lived in Canada I have experienced racism in every organization I have worked for one of the most challenging aspects of the struggle for equality is the systemic character of discrimination.

Current inequalities are deeply tied to histories of elimination and prejudice.

The predominant nature of racism risks interpretation of equal treatment permitted informal human rights laws. Those with power and prestige with institutions often lack the volume to reimagine systemic conversion to do so would bring into question the acceptability of the current dissemination of privileges.

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It’s upon this social foundation that affirmative action must be constructed. Accordingly, confirmatory actions have lean towards to be based on two very different blueprints. One methodology leaves the control structures and institutional policies and norms in place while according preferential access to disproportionately excluded groups. Since individuals from racialized communities, women, Aboriginal peoples, and persons with disabilities, for example, are widely under-represented in workplaces and educational establishments. The term racialized peoples have been used in Canada as an unconventional way to address minorities or visible minorities.

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The term does not imagine minority status. It also put the attention on the communal structure of racial modifications and frailty of certain population because of the way institution defines and treats them.

The disagreement on whether racism exists in the Canadian criminal justice system or not is based on personal involvement or witness with racism. The vigorous of racism was present at one point in the criminal justice system, this may the case in the behavior of some police officers in the court at sentencing and in established and also in community-based corrections. The existence of prejudice, discrimination, and racism is not by the way evident but maybe unconscious on the part of justice system employees or can also be subtle and not always distinguishable. Also, people disobey the law may recognize that they are the victims of prejudice, discrimination, and racism even in instances where there is no significant proof that it has befallen them. However, it is imperative to recognize the beginning of these discernments. The United Nations has upstretched interrogation about Canada’s record on anti-racism, mentioning the endless contests that the indigenous people of Canada face on a daily basis, this proves that racism exists in Canada particularly in reverence to indigenous people and people in racialized communities and others. This is imitated in the increase in police-reported hate crime associated to ethnicity and race and sometimes culture. There was a controversy in 2017 over Canada immigration policy dripped over into street-level engagements between anti-racist and anti-fascism clusters and far-right clutches who were against Canada’s intake of refugees.

Intellectuals and representatives in Canada have commonly given miniature attention to the affiliation between race and criminal justice. For the past two decades a commission of inquiry on systemic racism in the Ontario criminal justice system found that there were judgments in the criminal justice system that shows that there was a bias against racialized people.

The Canadian community seemed to be aware of this particular issue. Research on Canadian shows that 69 percent of people knew that there was racism in Canada, and nearly half of the responders had heard some people make racist remarks towards some persons. Also, another study that was carried out in Vancouver discovered that 82 percent of people of visible minorities specified that they have been imperiled to prejudice or other kinds of discernment. In order to address this issue, sometime in 2017 the Ontario province announce a three-year premeditated strategy, this compressive disposition was made up of a number of components including legislation, beleaguered community awareness, and edification, and anti-Black racism approach, and focused on indigenous people, anti-racism policy among to name a few which also include the confrontation against racism and discernment.

According to Anthony H Richmond the author of Refugees and Racism in Canada he made a very clear line between racism and refugees based on an individual encounter with the act of racism. People seem to think that Canada has often been seen as a safe haven for immigrants. But we cannot deny that racism exists in Canada. We can endure a diplomatic yet impervious method to the problems that run generations deep. Also, we can depend on our personal experience and the role we play in these matters and justice is not about hate, it is about humanity and love, also that is the valid point to hold production on the issue of systemic racism in Canada. Racism can take different forms such as conventional and occur independently of the attitude or intents of those involved if the consequences of some of these actions are seriously disadvantageous for a particular group for example in the case of refugees and asylum seekers who required a valid visa, passport, work permits, literacy tests, medical examinations, and DNA tests. The strict presentation of the resolution classification of refugee, and the method of selection being used in outlawing to avert undocumented persons from gaining access into Canada border, all these methods could be racist in their approach if they create easier and different prospects for some nationalities or other ethnic groups, in order to spurt them from unbearable predicaments of their former country of residence.

There are some terms that are used that show that systematic and institutional racism identify that perception may occur as an unpremeditated magnitude of particular public policies. During recruitment or hiring in the case of employment or admission into school, this requires insignificant gender, physical, age, education, and language standards, these may be a difficult measure for certain groups of people to meet. Special admission or recruiting, intended to recompense for past discrimination towards some minority group may in time to come have an unfavorable outcome on persons of other groups, especially the majority or dominant group. The issue of, quota system, affirmative action, and “positive discrimination” may cause a counterattack and call for more prejudice towards a particular set of people in the society.
It is necessary to distinguish between this type of racism which are macro-racism and micro-racism. Macro-racism can occur in our daily active life and when we interact with people in the workforce or society at large, even in the outbursts of violence against immigrants and some other minority groups.

The stereotype that that is projected towards some groups and outlining of particular crimes and performance configurations, can guide the police and immigration officers to stop and search or in some cases even harass innocent people just because they belong to a certain to a certain ethnicity. It is the task of the human commission, complaint authorities, employment equity officers, and multicultural directorate to fight such systems of hatred, discrimination, and prejudice. Macro-racism can also be institutionalized in the regulations that the states erect at a point when severely keeping watch on the borders, denying entry to some particular ethnic or racial groups, eradicating or even refusing some minority group from gaining access while attempting to reunite diasporic peoples.

Macro-racism is generally common with military and political leaders when they are pursuing to establish the dominance of territory by dynamism, this is usually a result of what they refer to as state egotism or purity. In some cases, or circumstances, where most life-threatening methods are applied it is could lead to genocidal policies, for example, is in the case of Nazi Germany, former Yugoslavia, and most recently the incident that happened in Cambodia and Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia. Prior to the year, 1962 people would view Canada’s immigration policy as macro-racist due to lack of involvement with immigration activities, but after then there has been a progressive improvement. During Canada’s first-ever census which was conducted in 1871, the government made attempts whereby people were distinguished by their birthplace, citizenship and origins.

The implication of the last term was not really made known to the census officials and there was misunderstanding and confusion because it was obvious that so many persons were of mixed descent this includes English-French descent, French-Aboriginal decent, and a variety of another mixed ethnicity. During the 1921 census, the Canadian government also attempted to elucidate the perception by which the term race was demarcated as a sub-group of the human classes associated with bonds of physical affiliation. The definite discussion was made of visible appearances which first and foremost was the skin color, the shape of a head, statures, and other standards. Moreover, the census characterization of origin sustained to associate natural or biological, geographic characteristics, and cultural classification.

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The Truth About Racism in Canada

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