The Trojan War Essay

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The Trojan War

The Trojan War is one of the most famous stories in the Greek Mythology. The Trojan War was battle which occurred between the people of Troy and the Greeks when the prince of Troy abducted Helen, the wife of Menelaus from Sparta. When the Trojans refused to surrender Helen to the Spartans, all Greek troops led by the best Greek warriors during this era, including Achilles, Diomed, and Odysseus, were gathered and the war was ignited.

For nine years, the war commenced and the Greek pounded and tried everything possible to penetrate the Trojan borders, until the Greeks built a large wooden horse with Greek soldiers concealed inside it and then the Greek warriors left the Trojan premises. When the horse was taken inside, the Greek soldiers came out of the horse and seized the whole Trojan territory and the war was finally ended (“Trojan War”).

            According to certain historical and archaeological reports, the Trojan War itself was just a legend. However, archaeological evidences may have been able to prove that there was a war that commenced which left the Asia Minor destroyed. Asia Minor had been guessed as the place where the Troy once stood, and evidences have shown that this powerful city has been destroyed by the end of the 13th century (“The Trojan War”).

            The war was believed to have occurred between the people from the Asia Minor and the powerful Mycenaeans. According to the archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, the war must have been ignited due to wealth rivalry. The Asia Minor, where the Troy would have once occupied, was a powerful and strong competitor of the Mycenaeans in the aspect of trade. In addition to this, a great rivalry for the control of the Aegean territory was also one of the reasons for this war (“The Trojan War”).

            Although it was not clearly defined that the Trojan War was indeed a struggle between the Greeks and the Trojans, the aspects which showed that there had been a war within the lands of the Trojans and the Greeks were evident. And as such, proofs on the wealth aspect which sparked the war between two powerful civilizations. According to historical studies, the influence that these two civilizations imposed on the pursuit of power and leadership during this era was very significant. And as such, the power to control the other state was important in gaining access to other foreign lands as well (Korfmann).

            Whether or not the Trojan War was indeed a real war, nonetheless, it became as one of the most historic and important epics in the world’s history. It became the standard of warfare for other civilizations. It displayed the greatness of the Greek tactics in warfare, and at the same time, it described the Trojan’s ability to defend their state. On the other hand, the evidences that archaeologists found regarding the presence of the wealthy nations where the Troy must have once stood and the place where their possible rivals have resided, are one part of the reasons why it could be possible that Trojan War might have once occurred in the history.

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