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The Trip to Hawaii

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One hot summer day, about three years ago, we finished packing to go to Hawaii for almost a week. We were very excited. We were going to Hawaii because my uncle was getting a Change of Command. My Aunt Hannah and Uncle JC live there with there dog Jack. It was just my grandma, my brother Mark, my cousin Max, my mom, my dad, and I going though. We still had a little more time before we had to leave for the airport that morning but we knew that it was going to be a long day ahead of us.

It was finally time to go to the airport. Once we got there we had to put our suitcases up. We made it through the security area and headed toward the right gate. We had to wait for a while but then we started going aboard the plane. Our first flight was from Springfield, Missouri to Denver, Colorado on a small plane.

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On the flight we saw the mountains. Once we landed in Denver we had to hurry to get on the next plane. Our second flight was from Denver, Colorado to San Francisco, California on a bigger plane. We saw a lot of sights on that flight too. Once we landed there we had to wait a while so we got something to eat. The last flight that we took was from San Francisco, California to Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. We flew across the water forever until we finally could see all of the islands.

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Once we landed we went and met my Aunt Hannah and her sister Kate who was waiting for us there.

It was already a lot of flying that day for us, but we had to get a rental car and head to Hannah and JC’s house because that was where we were going to stay. When we were heading toward their house, it was busy hour when everyone was getting off work. Once we got to their house their dog, Jack was waiting for them at the door. They let him come outside and he was really excited to see us. We grabbed our bags out of the car and they showed us where we were going to be sleeping. We put our bags down and Hannah showed us around the house while we waited for JC to get home from work.

JC finally showed up and then we loaded up into the cars and headed toward one of the beaches. It was already a little dark but we still went anyway. At the beach we didn’t swim but we did wade in the water. We saw some sea turtles and one of them almost swam into me. Our feet were all sandy from being in the water and then going onto the sand but we had a fun time that night. Then we headed back to Hannah and JC’s house for the night.

Once we finally arrived at their house we needed some rest since it was such a long day. The timing was different so we actually stayed up five hours more than normal so we had to adjust to the new time. We got ready for bed and went to sleep for the long day ahead of us the next day.

We went to five beaches total over the seven days we stayed there. At one of the beaches, Max and I decided that we were going to make a sandcastle and that we were going to bury each other in the sand. After we were done we were covered in sand and we had a hard time getting it off that night. We went to a beach that had a huge rocky ledge with holes all over it. In the holes there was water and there were little crabs as well. I didn’t have shoes on so I accidentally stubbed my toe. We went scuba? At another beach we went Buggy Boarding. Max and I went hiking with JC one day too. At Hannah and JC’s house, Max and I loved to play Mario Kart and we were pretty good at it. Mark was a little younger than 1 so he really didn’t remember that much but he had fun too.

The food that we ate there was really good. We had huge burgers and we ate Shave Ice. Shave Ice is pretty much just a snow cone that has finer pieces of ice and has the flavored syrup on it. For breakfast one morning, we got different types of small pancakes. They each had a different flavor of syrup and they were actually better than I expected. One night we ate in a food truck area. We went to a Farmer’s Market where we got to try several things like drinking out of a coconut, eating dragon fruit, and looking at all of the fish.

We went to farms and plantations too. One farm that we went to was two macadamia nut farm. The first one we went to was where you could taste the different flavors that were put on the macadamia nuts. The second one we went to was where Kate got a gecko on her. At this one the guy running it gave us some to take home and he told us about the ones on the farm. The plantation that we went to was a pineapple plantation. We saw pineapple plantations everywhere but the one that we went to, you could actually go into it. At this pinepple plantation we saw how pineapples grow. Mark and I got to take a picture inside a fake pineapple too. We saw cocoa bean farms on the side of the road too.

On the last day that we were staying there, it was time for JC’s Change of Command. Hannah brought donuts and coffee, so we had to come a little early so we could help her set up. We went outside and sat down in our seats. The ceremony wasn’t that long but after that we took pictures with JC in his uniform. We ate donuts and the adults drank coffee too. We started heading back to Hannah and JC’s house to get all of our bags packed up and to get ready to head to the airport.

It was time to go to the airport. Our flight was supposed to leave at about 11:00 that night. It was a long night but we only got four hours of sleep on the plane. We left from Honolulu, Hawaii to San Francisco California. When we arrived on San Francisco, it was about 7:30 in the morning. We left on another plane from San Francisco, California to Denver, Colorado. Then, the last plane we took was on a small plane from Denver, Colorado to Springfield, Missouri. We got to the airport at about 4:00 in the afternoon. We drove home and it was about 5:00 in the afternoon. We were all exhausted but we had a great time seeing Hannah, JC, Jack, and Kate. It was really nice to be in Hawaii for the first time and to go to so many beaches.

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