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The Traveller Essay

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The Traveller stood in the centre of the deserted graveyard. A wall of fog slowly surrounded him as he placed daffodils on a grave. Every night he would do this. He would look on, wet tears forming in his lost grey eyes. The Listeners heard everything The Traveller said. They heard how he prayed and how he wept. They knew everything about him whereas he knew nothing about them. They treasured him. Always had, always would. The Traveller was not always like this.

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He was once happy, he had a family and he definitely was not alone. Everything was turn upside down on that dreadful night.

It is surprising how much your vision of life can change in a few minutes. It is also surprising to know how much Robert Liegel’s life transformed in just several seconds. Robert Liegel was obviously one of the unlucky ones. At least that was what he thought. Robert Liegel, like his nickname suggested, was a traveller. Well actually, he was a tradesman who just happened to travel a lot. However, he always managed to come back to the same town, the same street and the same abandoned warehouse. I guess he called that home. The warehouse was just on the skirts of town. Isolated from people.

It was crumbling and had not a piece of furnisher. The windows were crooked, the balcony… well the balcony had fallen long long ago and the roof was in pieces. Not the sort of place a person would like to live but keep in mind that Robert Liegel is not your average person. When Robert lived a happy life, he promised his family one thing. If by chance Robert were left to fend for himself, he would go to his guardian’s house. Robert did not keep his promise. He was heartbroken, depressed and desolate, who could blame him? Many years later, he had forgotten the promise. He had forgotten everything apart from one thing.

His locket. Out of habit, Robert journeyed to the graveyard, not knowing why or whom he was going to visit. His eyes were drawn to a decayed daffodil sitting upon a grave. Everything flooded back to him and the Listeners appeared once more in his life. Robert thought he was going mental. That however did in no way stop him from talking to nobody. Nobody living that is. He poured his heart out, not a single hesitation or stutter. At the end of his speech, tears were falling down his face as snow falls down to the ground. He cried himself to sleep letting the fog envelop him in a hug. Robert dreamt of strange things.

He saw his family but it was not the usual nightmare. There were no screams or flames but most importantly, he did not feel scared. His family circled him as wolves circle their prey. The smallest one spoke “Join us brother, we are so lonely without you. I miss you and you are not happy. ” His mother stepped forward “Robert my darling I know what you are going through. Believe it or not, we are always with you. Listening in on you like guardian angels. ” “Robert my boy. You never fulfilled your promise, we hear your words and we hear your pain. Your only hope is to go to them. They are your only family.

” His father plead. Robert left the dream feeling dizzy and weak. He could not stand. Before him stood an image of his family, they were the only ones who could give him strength. Something lifted him to his feet. He was not sure if it was his perseverance or… something else. Robert left the graveyard feeling fresh and knowing what to do. He mounted his horse. Placed his feet in the stirrup and set off. The Traveller rode through the forest and rode past the houses without stopping. It felt good to have the breeze in his hair, soft beads of sweat glistened on his skin and he and the horse rode as one.

They were stopped at a crossroad. Out of nowhere a man dressed in black appeared. Make that five men. The first quickly put a gun to his head. The second searched his pockets. The other three watched in pride while Robert realised that he was being hijacked. He tried to conceal his locket but with no luck. “What you hiding there young man? ” The leader said “Oy, Danny Boy come look at this” Robert was petrified. They could not take his locket, they just could not. Danny walked over. “Looks like a locket sir. What do you want me to do about it? ” “Take it maybe. ” The leader muttered angrily.

Again Robert saw his family and interrupted “Please take anything apart from that, I beg you! ” “Halt Danny. ” The leader raised his hand “Would you be willing to trade your items of clothing, your horse and everything you own for this locket. ” Robert gulped “Yes. ” “And be shot. ” “Yes. ” “We’ve got a brave one here boys. I’ll tell you what if you give us all your clothes we’ll give you your precious little necklace. ” “Yes, sir. ” With no pride, Robert undressed. “Pleasure doing business with you. ” The leader said. They rode away sniggering and muttering meanwhile Robert continued his journey.

He would get there. Eventually. Finally, late at night, he arrived. The house was located in the forest beneath the black and starry sky. The house looked abandoned, like it hadn’t been touched in years just like Robert. After knocking several times he realised it was a waste. Nobody was here. All that for nothing. Remembering his mother’s words he cried out “Tell them I kept my word. I did keep my promise dad I did! ” Yet the Listeners didn’t answer. Robert walked away, not looking back. He walked aimlessly for a while until he came across a cliff. He saw the deep blue sea violently striking the rocky cliff.

He saw his family in the water and cried out to them “Please, help me! ” Robert didn’t wait for an answer. He dove into the sapphire sea. He felt the breeze in his face and calmly shouted his last words “I KEPT MY PROMISE! ” Robert took his last breath and hit the surface. He was gone. There was no need for the Listeners anymore. They vanished. There is no need for me anymore. I have told my story. The End. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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