The Tour to the National Science Park Essay

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The Tour to the National Science Park

Today, we go to the USST national science park. Through the presentation made by the staff, we know the science park basically. National Science Park is founded by USST, Yangpu district government and Shanghai Association for Science&Technology. The science park’s purpose is to develop modern servicing business and advanced manufacture industry. It has three core functions: technology transfer , entrepreneur incubator, and service platform. Its industry cluster mainly includes machinery, instrument, medical appliances.

The technology transfer center mainly encourage students who want to create their own company to cooperate with the enterprise. The entrepreneur incubator mainly gives students suggestions and advices. After the tour, I conclude four points that I learned today:

1. After we visit three small corporations, I learned that it is not easy to open a company. Especially for fund and market. For a company that has just set up , it is difficult to receive the financing . So the entrepreneur needs to receive the financing with the help of social platform such as venture capital fund.

2. This point is relevant to the marketing. Because we are the English and international trade major, we have the advantage of language skill and basic business knowledge. We can expand our market share by communicate with foreign-invested enterprises and try to corporate with them. The language skill and business knowledge can make it easier for us to negotiate with them and make a deal.

3. In fact, I want to be an entrepreneur in several years. After visiting the National Science Park, I find that it is a perfect place for me to know the growth of the company. I can see the whole development process of a company from its establishment , growth, maturity. I can acquire experience form its success and learn a lesson from its failure. Then, I will know what I should do or not in my future career.

4. This point is relevant to the marketing. When the company has grown mature to some degree, it can expand its market share by merge. We can revive the products of the company that is on the verge of bankruptcy , making their products become our new brand . we can research it life cycle and innovate and improve this product . then our market share will be larger than before.

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