The Toughest, Edgiest, Grumpiest Teacher I Ever Had Essay

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The Toughest, Edgiest, Grumpiest Teacher I Ever Had

“The Toughest, Edgiest, Grumpiest Teacher I Ever Had” was written by Sandra Loh describes the relationship among her father and her, along with her brother and sister. Sandra had an extremely strict father in the beginning of the story, but people can change.

Sandra’s sister wasn’t ever taught the way Sandra was due to the fact that she would start crying and hide, therefore no lessons were taught to her. Sandra also had a brother who did’t participate in the science and math lessons either. Her brother thought he was already great at math and felt he didn’t need further lessons. The only one left to learn from her father was Sandra. Sandra admits to choosing the wrong answer when there was a 50/50 chance, so she ended up not pursuing a career in science like her father.

Sandra, growing up, had an up-tight, strict father. He was a relentless teacher always wanting to better the minds and abilities of his three children. Sandra ended up at a University majoring in Physics. Her father who would not have previously had casual conversation or compassion, now asks how she is feeling and is more personable. The story opened with a glimpse of his attitude change by sharing how if someone were to see him now they would not believe he was once a tough, grumpy teacher, but a gentle old man.

This short story goes to show how events and people can change the way people act, not necessarily changing their character. Sandra’s father will always have the character of wanting success and for his children to be intelligent and give everything their all.

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