The Top 10 Reasons Why It Is Important to Behave in School

It sets a good example for others who will use your behavior as a guide for their own. 9. It is the wise, smart, and courageous thing to do. It’s easier to do what you think friends expect or to do what you just plain feel like doing, but it takes real guts and intelligence and strength to just do what needs to be done regardless of what other people think of you or what you want to do.

8. It shows respect for all those teachers and administrators who are in that school to help you and your peers through school, and who have worked very hard to get through school and every work day so that they can make some kind of difference.

Even if they don’t seem like they care, they do. 7. It shows respect for your parents and other caregivers and role models–that you have actually listened to what they’ve tried to teach you so that you can make it to adulthood intact.

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6. Respectful behavior allows fellow students who really do want to learn and do well to do just that without the distraction.

5. It shows that you are able to express anger and frustration in a positive way, that you can be proactive. In other words, you can take what is bothering you and talk about it, write about, work to make changes to problems you have. 4. Respectful behavior from students in school isn’t meant to just control everyone and keep things totally boring and predictable.

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Good behavior helps the school run smoothly, classes to be more effective, and in case of emergency, for everyone to be able stay safe. 3. Good behavior demands respect from others. It shows them you have self-control, confidence, focus, and the drive to succeed.

2. You will be more successful, get more out of what is being taught, and when your classmates are working at McDonald’s and still living at home when they are 40 years old, you will be doing whatever you love to do, being successful, and making way more money. 1. You are a wonderful person who deserves to do well. Great things are yours if you are willing to do what is necessary to get them.

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The Top 10 Reasons Why It Is Important to Behave in School

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