The tools of the early civilization Essay

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The tools of the early civilization

The tools used by hunters-gatherers in order to survive within their environment are undeniably more primitive than those of the farmers. Born in a period when the benefits of technology and advanced industrialization were not yet present, the hunters-gatherers simply relied on bow and arrow and spears which they themselves made. Most of the time, these tools were only made by wood and trunks of trees which they only gathered around their surroundings. These tools are what they use in chasing for food. They also hunt stray animals for them to have something to cook.

They also obtain fruits and other edible plants along their itinerary. The simplistic way by which these tools were constructed accounted for the kind of labor hunters-gatherers had to undergo just to provide for their basic needs. The resources that are immediately available and provided by nature were their principal recourses while using crude tools to exploit these resources. As mentioned above, the tools were usually man-made so the challenge of conceptualizing the design of the tools and the scarcity of materials that can be used really pressed hard on them.

However, as man’s thinking developed, he learned that he can settle in some definite place where he can sustain his livelihood. This is in contrast to the stage of hunting and gathering where he had to ambulate in order to exhaust the available resources in all of the places. Once all the edible plants and animals have been plunked down in a certain area, they were obliged to transfer to another location where there will be new resources waiting to be consumed.

Upon learning that they can stay put in one location, they subsequently learned to maximize the resources available in their surroundings. He begun cultivating the land around him and plant crops on it. The tools that they used to aid the farming process are much complex but are more helpful to what they are doing. They were also able to come up with simple machines that are far more advanced compared to the tools used by the hunters and gatherers. On the other hand, the tools used by the hunters-gatherers and farmers also have similarities.

The tools used by both parties have facilitated their modes of production in the early civilization. Although slightly different in terms of the complexity of design, the tools developed by both hunters-gatherers and farmers were of large contribution to the mode of production. These tools were also mostly hand-made and manifest the simple industrial skills which the early men have possessed. Through their inventiveness and innovative thinking, they were able to come up with the tools that helped them in grappling for survival and sustaining their existence.

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