The Tips for Building a Retaining Wall in Adelaide

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The most essential tip for building retaining wall is to make sure that the water can escape from behind the wall to prevent it from collapsing. Make sure that the materials that you used are compacted properly to avoid excess setting that can actually lead to wall collapse.

The entire process for building a retaining wall in Adelaide differs depending on the type of materials that you use and the size and shape of the wall. But regardless of the materials used, the goal should be to make sure that the materials are solidly compacted to prevent shifting.

The main function of retaining wall is to give support to the material that pressed against it on the uphill or heavy side. Since the wall is strong enough, it can actually bear the weight of the materials in its retaining area.

To prevent any frost, heaves and damages, you must ask your builder to make sure to back fill the wall with material like gravel or stone.

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This will prevent excessive moist coming from soil from directly pressing against the wall during cold weather.

Building a retaining wall at your home will surely help prevent damage and failure in the future. Retaining Wall Industries offers you domestic retaining wall. They are the leading company that can provide you with the best retaining wall in Adelaide.

You can choose from the following:

Concrete Panel Retaining Walls
Pier Drilling
Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls
Moss Rock Retaining Walls
Brick and Core filled Retaining Walls
Hot Dipped Galvanising

Retaining Wall Industries specialises in the following:

Alternatives where Rock is an issue for piers
Emergencies, when you have to have the project completed to a time frame
Joint wall applications and neighbour negotiations
Boundary wall and fence combinations
Larger wall construction
Difficult sites and applications
Larger slopes to front and rear of homes
Understanding and applying Law 75S2
Allowance for sewer

To avail of the best type and quality made retaining wall in Adelaide, call Retaining Wall Industries at 8387 8900
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