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The Tipping Point Essay

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The Tipping Point

Change is a rule by nature that will never change. Shifting from one state to another state is nature’s law. No one can override this rule. Tipping point by Malcolm Gladwell is all about changes that happen frequently. No one is stable in this world; nothing is stable in this world. Every thing must change consistently, the things, which happened yesterday, is not same today and the things which happened today will not be same tomorrow. This law is not only applicable for human life but also for society, technology, disease, education, culture, music, craft and so on. A wide spread outbreak of an infectious disease is called as epidemic.

Malcolm Gladwell also deals with this epidemic not with medicine but with social epidemic that spoils young generation and society. Smoking is injurious to health, Drinking is injurious to wealth. Every one knows this, but they drink and smoke until malady bangs them. A women’s tongue is more powerful than any other thing? What is the reason behind crime rate fell down so drastically? What is the reason behind young generation using mobile  phones, ipods, and desktop and laptop computers than elder generation? Why some use Internet for utile purpose and not others? Why violence step-up in Hollywood movies?

There are many questions here but Malcolm Gladwell answers only one question that is the correct answer for remaining questions. Ideas, behavior, messages and products sometimes behave just like outbreaks of infectious disease. They are called as social epidemics. The Tipping point is a book that deals with social epidemics that surround us. Generation after generation every thing right from culture, music, dress, changes frequently in a very unusual way. For example, if a famous pop star changes his dressing style, everyone will have a tendency to dress like him. It is called trend. This trend changes often, and no one knows this transition.

The working of social epidemic is distinctly separate and society’s mind were stormed by  This unusual occurrence. For example we can look at twin tower disaster in New York City. A film taken by novice artists and technicians may yield stunning victory. No one knows the working of epidemic. The title “ The Tipping Point “ is originated from the world of epidemiology. The Tipping Point is a proper mixture of sociology, psychology, and history.

This is a book for one who wishes to understand the world around them is in different way. The Three Influential People – Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen.  Connectors can be compared with computer hub. They play a major role in epidemic like the central part of a car wheel. Hub is used for networking one computer with other. They are the heart of computer networking. Connectors have the habit of voluntarily introducing themselves to strangers and others. They can easily mingle with any sort of people.

Hub in computer can be connected to any other computer irrespective of their configuration and software installed, like wise connectors can amalgamate with any sort of people in the society without any hesitation. Connectors are very rare in the society.

Mavens are very intelligent people, they know how to interact with society, they how to exploit decrepit of the society. Mavens are intelligent powerful social epidemic. “Maven” the word comes from Yiddish meyvn and Herbrew mevin (מבֿין, with the same meaning, which in turn derives from Herbrew binah, means understanding. It was recorded in english language in 1952, and become famous in the 1960s by a series of commercials for Vita Herring created by Martin Solow, featuring “The Beloved Herring Maven”.

Since the 1980s it has become more common since William Safire adepted it to describe himself “ the language maven”. The word is mainly confined to American English, but had not yet appeared with the publication of the 1976 edition of Webster’s third new international dictionary. In network theory and socilogy, a maven is someone who has a disproportionate influence on other members of the network. The role of mavens in propagating knowledge and preferences has been established in various domains, from politics to social trends.

Gladwell also suggests that mavens act most effectively when they have some kind of understanding with connectors. Connectors can easily and widely distribute the advice or insight of a mavens. Some have identified the maven is not a Jewish word, but a Jewish concept. A maven is an expert, and it’s something that every Jew thinks he is on every subject that exists. The term Maven is used to a great extent in spam electornic mails. Spam is nothing but an email from unrecognized location or person. The objective behind spam electronic mail is to develop and promote their business and to to earn handsome of money.

Some Spam email contains VIRUS – Virtual Information Resource Under Sledge. An agreement or contract in which property is transferred from the seller to the buyer for fixed price in money (paid or agreed to be paid by the buyer) is called as sales. It is an integral part of social activity. Ideas or products found attractive or interesting by others will grow exponentially for some time is called as stickiness.

People always look for different kind of music systems like Walkman, Discman or even those expensive mp3 players And finally they stick with ipods. Apple is the second biggest company next to Microsoft Apple introduced ipods in which hundreds and thousands of songs can be saved and played whenever required. This allowed the company to not only exploit they name but also use the names of Dell and Microsoft to work with them for their success. Also this product tipped of the timing. At a time when the health conscious and the craze is at its peak, people were looking for something to play their music while they were working out that looked cool.

This is exactly what the IPOD offered these people. It is compact, mini, nano, shuffles are so small they can easily fit in your pocket with no worries about skipping, even while running. The overall benefits of this product are enormous, and the sleek plain design really set it apart from anything in the market. If a kid in a college doesn’t have one of ipod, laptop, cell phones, people are surprised. The point that I try to get from Gladwell is the importance of Maven in having something tipped. Whether is accidental or on purpose the maven finds out information about something and has to tell someone. I feel it has tipped and think it was a fabulous example of marketing tipping a product. I think Gladwell really hit the nail on the head with his main three points that contribute to the tipping point of anything.

At a time when the health conscious and the craze is at its peak, people were looking for something to play their music while they were working out that looked cool. This is an incredible underground of ipod mavens. One who links like-minded people and one who gathers and shares deep information, that sounds the definition of almost every relationship is the blogger, they are connectors and mavens at the tipping point of communication.

Cell phone, ipods, desktop and laptops are the tipping point of communication because no other form of communication has been so immediate, so interactive, so far-reaching and so ready-made for relationships. We are connectors and mavens at the tipping point of communication able to make relationships with people all over the planet. We are just beginning to figure out the depth and breadth of the medium in which we are working. With the relationships we are making and the information we are gathering. If we set our minds in the same direction, we can change the world. The whole thing changes when the world is our community.

Adoption of Ipods & Advent of Cell Phones, Laptop and Desktop.

Bolstered by the recent holiday gift-giving season, the number of American adults who now own an iPod or other MP3 player has reached 22 million, according to a Pew Internet & American Life survey.  Based on the findings of this survey, it is clear that this technology reached its tipping point in the 2004 holiday shopping season,” said Lee Rainie, director of Pew Internet & American Life. “iPods and other MP3 players have broken into the mainstream in a new way, and we’re projecting a lot more growth, probably an acceleration of growth, ahead.

The survey was conducted between January 13 and February 9, 2005 to gauge roughly how many American adults now own iPods or MP3 players. The study didn’t poll teenagers, an age group that includes several million more users of such devices. Pew determined iPods and other MP3 players are likely being adopted so quickly because of their relative ease of use, a plethora of downloadable music on the Internet, and because they allow people to become their own disk jockeys. People are beginning to adapt them as instruments of social activity, sharing songs with others, and are becoming drawn into podcasting, Rainie said.

Although the study didn’t offer specific numbers for podcasting’s growth, Rainie predicts in 2005, podcasting is likely to surge in popularity along a growth curve comparable to the blogging community’s rapid expansion. Pew is currently conducting a study looking at the growth of podcasting, results of which will be released in mid-March.

Key findings of the survey include:
• Men are more likely to own iPods/MP3 players than women. Roughly 14 percent of adult men have such devices, as opposed to nine percent of adult women.
• Almost one in five (19 percent) of adults under the age of 30 have iPods/MP3 Players, versus 14 percent of people in their 30s and 40s.
• iPods/MP3 players are generally gadgets for the well-to-do. Approximately 24 percent of adults with household incomes of $75,000 or more own a device. About 10 percent of adults living in households earning $30,000 to $75,000 have them, as opposed to 6 percent of those living in households with earnings under $30,000.
• Internet users are four times as likely as non-Internet users to have iPods/MP3 players, probably because Web users are able to get much of the music they enjoy online; 15 percent of Internet users have iPods/MP3 players, versus only four percent of non-Internet users.
• The more advanced the Internet user, the more likely it is s/he will own an iPod/MP3 player. Those with six or more years online experience are twice as likely to have them as those who first came online in the last three years.
• Broadband access is strongly linked to iPod/MP3 player ownership. About 23 percent of adults with high bandwidth have the devices, compared to nine percent who connect via dial-up. Among adults with broadband access both at home and at work, 31 percent own such devices.
• Approximately 16 percent of parents living with children under age 18 have an iPod/MP3 player, as opposed to nine percent of those with no children living at home.
Business hit the big time with the advent of the laptop because people could work at home Things got even better when wireless was invented. These technologies are becoming the worst things to happen to world

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