The Thumb Drive Essay

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The Thumb Drive

I have been using the C: drive to manage all of my files for CTU Online. This is because the thumb or flash drive lacks compatibility with the operating system installed on my computer: Windows 98. However, I have learned that I may purchase a thumb drive that is equipped with the software required to install a Windows 98 drive on my computer within sixty seconds (“What is a Thumb Drive,” 2007).

Although I am not a user, I understand that the thumb drive could provide great benefits to the student who uses it to store coursework. Using the thumb drive, a student may store his or her coursework for an entire year or even longer (Burns, 2007). The thumb drive may accommodate up to eight gigabytes, although most students may want to settle for 256 to 512 megabytes (“What is a Thumb Drive”). Besides, the thumb drive is almost never scratched (“USB Flash Drive,” 2007). It is the size of a thumb, so therefore students may carry it anywhere they want (“What is a Thumb Drive”). And, if their computers ever crash, the thumb drive would continue to hold their course material for them!

Another important advantage of the thumb drive for students is that the drive is re-writable. Students do not have to buy new drives once they have completed the courses that they used their drives for. The material for their new courses may be stored into the old drives, allowing them to save money (“What is a Thumb Drive”). At the same time, however, students must be careful not to lose their thumb drives. Because these drives are exceptionally small, it is easy for students to misplace them. Hence, I would not recommend the thumb drive to Cindy if she happens to be an absent minded individual.

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