The Third and Final Continent Essay

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The Third and Final Continent

This story depicts the life of a man’s trials in life and how he gained knowledge from every event that took place while experiencing things he wasn’t used to and gained a lot more appreciation for life. When you look at the last sentence in the story “As ordinary as it all appears, there are times when it is beyond my imagination” you understand that all the things he went thru and the emotions he developed while living in the small house with Ms. Croft. The thoughts and memories of this house and are bring back all the things that he experienced while making his way in America.

I think that they say Continents instead of Countries because the lifestyle that he lived while in India compared to America is basically a world’s difference and the word Continent delivers that feeling of distance compared to country that could be right next to India. I believe that the narrator’s story is incredible with all the accomplishments and bettering himself. His relationship with his wife grew stronger as time went on and his relationship with Ms. Croft and his emotional attachment with Ms.

Croft showed a lot about how he appreciated more and valued life a little more every day. The details of his memory I think ultimately make the whole story what it is. Even thou some people may not think him living with an old lady is important or even him eating a bowl of cereal every night would signify anything but the whole reason behind the small details in my mind is so that the environment and feelings came out while he was talking about it so that you could feel like you were right there with him and knowing what he had to go thru.

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