The Things They Carry Essay

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The Things They Carry

I am similar to the character in the book because I also carry things around with me. The things I carry drastically differ from what he carries due to laws, point of view and the situation though. I typically carry a necklace my mom gave me, cell phone, wallet, car keys, and clothing on my body. I feel like I would be lost with those items and am constantly checking my pockets to make sure I have them on me. Those are some physical things I carry on me. Lets go over some mental things I carry. I like to carry strength and pride with me. I won’t let people walk all over me and I take pride in the things I enjoy doing.

I don’t like to hint sad weaknesses to other people, and if I have something that bothers me I typically get over it with time. Each physical item has its purpose as in why I carry it. Its pretty basic too, I carry my keys to my car, which I love, since me and my car have seen a lot together and she brings me many places in exchange for her favorite type of drink, also known as gasoline. It’s got a special feeling to it every time I get in it. Just knowing you did all the modifications to it yourself to define your version of perfection for that vehicle.

My necklace was a gift from my mom and I always wear it and rarely take it off. So I guess you could say it has that special effect to it when its around my neck since it was a gift. I always have a wallet in my back right pocket, ever since I was a little kid, even though I had nothing to put in it as a little kid but maybe some pictures and a dollar or two because nothing was more important than trying to be like dad with a wallet. Now I’m just about 17 and my wallet serves its purpose so its kind of like a necessity since I store my, cards, ID, and money inside that leather flap.

A wallet probably doesn’t that important, since every man carries one but I am very protective of it since I earned everything in it and I have a mini panic attack when I notice its not in my pocket. I usually end up finding it underneath my drivers seat when it goes missing which is a rare case. Now a days you see kids in elementary school with a cell phone. I was one of those kids that didn’t get a phone until I was like 14, and it was a wicked basic phone but it was sweet because I was always going dirt biking with my friends in the woods and we weren’t exactly the safest riders so my mom got me a phone for Christmas.

Now I just got my first smartphone so I’m kind of addicted and I don’t go anywhere without it. It’s always in my pocket, when I go to bed I plug it in, set my alarm on it, go to bed with it and it wakes me up for school every day. So its important to me to have my phone. Clothing is an important thing I carry because you got to cover up for warmth. Plus, it’s illegal to not wear clothes in public. Those are just some examples of the things I carry around with me on a daily basis. I know some of that stuff might not seem that important to other people but it’s important to me and am lost without those items.

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