The Thing You Want Essay

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The Thing You Want

War is brutal, merciless and makes people not trustable. Many civilians suffer for no reasons. When it comes to war, there is no winners, only losers. The short story is written by Jack Trammel, and is about a soldier named, Cabe, marching through a withered languorous old lady’s house, who has her granddaughter hiding in the back of the house. The story is during a war and Cabe is a part of a squad, who is searching through the house. Out from the action in the short story, we can see that the theme is “War”, because the story is during the war and the happening is an example of how civilians are treated by the soldiers. Some people believe that when a man is at war, the war changes the man forever. All the things a soldier or a civilian experience during war will become a scar for life. Like Cabe quote, “The war was so insane. There was nothing good about it; no redeeming ethic or cause worthy of so much suffering.

Beyond a certain impossibleness, right and wrong didn’t matter anymore, and behavior was strictly a manifestation of the chaos around it. No one deserved what they got, good or bad” on page 2, column 1, line 13-19. The effect that war has on people is never positive, even though there is a lot to learn from all the mistakes that happens during war. So the message of the short story could be the effects war has on the people involved. The message could also be that under war, nobody deserved what they got, good or bad, for what is a quote that Cabe uses twice (page 2, column 1, line 19 and page 2, column 2, last line). Cabe the main character has a change of heart during the short story.

He is a typical coldhearted soldier, or more precise he is a private. At first he is merciless, certain, strict, for what can be outdrawn from the text on page 1, column 1-2, line 39-1: “There’s nothing back there,” the old woman protested, pulling at his sleeve. Cabe ripped his arm away and ignored her. he also is without hope for anything because of the war and he is horny (p. 2 c. 2 l. 12-13), but he has a de. at the end a spark is born in his heart (p. 2, c. 2, the last 3 lines). But it is only towards the girl, that Cabe has a change of heart and hope for mankind, that is to say because still has hatred towards the officer (p. 2 c. 2 l. 25-26). So we can conclude, that the theme of the short story is war, the message is the effect that war has on people or nobody deserved what they got, because of what Cabe by quote underlines in the shortstory.

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