The Theories of After Life

In this world, there are about 4,500 different religions and counting. Whether that be faith-driven or through a belief system, they are considered religions. Christianity is one of the major beliefs that over 84% of the world follows. Religions are traditions that have set rules and views to follow. However, most people have different views on where one will go after death, even if that would be Heaven, Hell, reincarnation, etc. One of the major components of many religions is the belief in an afterlife, and the beliefs that accompany that are varied from faith to faith and even person to person.

The afterlife has a lot of open-ended questions and some may never be answered. These three main beliefs that go into a back and forth battle with each other on the belief that your spirit is eternal. All these different aspects, theories, and beliefs really makes one wonder where he or she will go after he or she has extended beyond the grave.

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Heaven is recognized as a faithful and mystic place also known as Gods residing home. One may picture Heaven with endless paths of gold, pearl entrance gates, and solid walls. Jewels filled the mansions created to great people who arrive, “spirits in which come from the person enter an enchanting place without any curse of sin”. When accepted into Heaven you remain there for eternity.

While experiencing emotions still happens, you are filled with comfort, happiness, and love. At times one will feel jealousy, rage, frustration but there lives solution.

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Tears in Heaven are not typical because of pain, but because of happiness. Myers and Robinson said “Gods Gives the gift of eternal life in the Kindom of God through our savior Jesus Christ. We don’t have eternal life naturally, no immortal soul. In Heaven, we have eternal life and eternal consciousness.” As many have undergone near-death experiences and a wide group of believers claimed they’ve seen Heaven. Steve Miller was involved in a severe car accident and during his surgery, he declared a feeling of disconnection or felt outside himself. Miller states that he saw the light through a tunnel into another world and walked through the “Gate of Heaven”.

Miller also explained what he saw was so familiar yet so strange. Revolution 21 answers “I came out of the golden light. I rose into the light and I found myself having an unspoken exchange with the light, which I believed to be God, which made the experience more settling, I walked around the house for an hour so it seemed and my eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord”. Hell is believed as a place of torture, affliction, and suffering by 80% of Christians. Someone’s sin is washed away by Jesus as he died if the cross, but as a non- believer you dont get that chance. The Bible says God loves everyone, however, if you don’t love or believe in him you will go to the remal of Hell for eternity.

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