The Theme Statements Of George Orwell English Literature Essay

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In 1984 by George Orwell, the cardinal subject is that the fright of war gives political organic structures an unfathomable power to pull strings their state 's people without their knowing.

Six inside informations back uping this subject are:

Apparent by the turning of executings into a public show for the amusement of the people, as done in France during the Gallic Revolution to fuel the fury of the state against a targeted topic. In the instance of 1984, Eurasians were the mark the Oceania populace 's hatred.

`` Some Eurasiatic captives, guilty of war offenses, were to be hanged in the Park that flushing, Winston remembered. This happened about one time a month, and was a popular spectacle ( Pg. 11 ) . ''

The interior party of Oceania besides uses their power of media to pull strings the kids ; closely resembling the Nazi Germany scheme of enrolling kids into young person groups by appealing to them at immature ages. The usage of these kids in both Oceania and Nazi Germany was to foster the appreciation of the political organic structures on their states.

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`` About all kids presents were horribleaˆ¦ by agencies of such organisations as the Spies they were consistently turned into indocile small savagesaˆ¦they adored the Party and everything connected with it ( Pg. 11 ) . ''

The fact that the inner party 's power comes from the war with one of the other ace powers is proven in the fact they allow it to go on despite the fact that there is no material addition nor is there a little possibility for a decisive triumph over another ace power.

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`` To understand the nature of the present war-for in malice of the regrouping which occurs every few old ages, it is ever the same war-one must recognize in the first topographic point that it is impossible for it to be decisive ( Pg. 88 ) . '' The war merely shifts a state 's attending off from their authorities, a technique resembling ancient Rome who blinded the people from recognizing their poorness with gladiatorial conflicts.

To procure what power they have obtained over the old ages, the interior party goes through great lengths to guarantee complete obeisance and rule over the multitudes. Through usage of the Spies organisation to develop kids, the Thought Police to collar rebellious minds, the Ministry of Love to reeducate felons of the party, and the implementing of Newspeak to take words that possibly rebellious in nature against the interior party. Traveling so far as to hold the Ministry of Truth erase any grounds of the past that may be beliing to the party 's current mission.

The party 's complete and entire physical control over the public besides displays the interior party 's power. The telescreen used to maintain changeless surveillance in everyone 's places, the compulsory physical dork people are required to execute every forenoon, the needed smilings on every 'comrade 's ' face, everything is controlled by the interior party. The citizens nil more than puppet, the inner party their puppeteer.

The interior party 's jokes fool merely those who wish to be fooled. Who let themselves be entertained by public hangings, who allow hatred to attest against another world power, who believe Oceania will one twenty-four hours win the war. The sheep that smiling during their forenoon physical dorks and live their lives unquestioningly as 'Big Brother ' bids. But for those who can non accept this life style, those who can non follow with 'doublethink ' and 'Ingsoc ' obey merely from fright. The interior party 's concluding arm to procure their power is fear. The fright of being taken off by the Thought Police for ideas against the party, the supporter 's cardinal quandary besides revolves around this fright ; the want for alteration but the fright of the extremist thought

Outside Reading Assignment - Part 2 ( Characterization Charts )

Personality Traits: O'brien



Quotation mark


During Winston 's anguish, when inquired if the Party got to O'Brien excessively, he replies `` They got me long ago. '' Leaving the enigma if O'Brien was ever a loyal Party member or at one point a Rebel

O'Brien intimations himself as a member of the Brotherhood to Winston ab initio, so reveals himself as a member wholly, traveling so far as to invest Winston into the Brotherhood, so eventually shows his true colourss as a loyal interior party member

`` Much more it was because of a in secret held belief-or possibly non even a belief, simply a hope-that O'Brien 's political orthodoxy was non perfect. Something in his face suggested it overwhelmingly. And once more, possibly it was non even unorthodoxy that was written in his face, but merely intelligence. ''

`` Winston had ne'er been able to experience sure-even after this forenoon 's flash of the eyes it was still impossible to be certain whether O'Brien was a friend or an enemy. ''


O'Brien 's full role-play as a member of the Brotherhood from the minute he laid eyes upon Winston merely to hold the chance to pin down Winston in an act of disloyalty to the Party

His elusive hinting, easy baiting and feeding the urge within Winston that wishes to happen comfort in the being of a Brotherhood

The ability to state what Winston is believing during anguish by his facial looks entirely

`` Any identifiable mention to him would hold been mortally unsafe. O'Brien 's comment must evidently hold been intended as a signal, a codeword. By sharing a little act of thoughtcrime he had turned the two of them into confederates. ''

`` 'I am with you, ' O'Brien seemed to be stating to him. 'I know exactly what you are experiencing. I know all about your disdain, your hatred, your disgust. But do n't worry, I am on your side! ' And so the flash of intelligence was gone, and O'Brien 's face was every bit cryptic as everybody else 's. ''


The grim electrical torture of Winston in an effort to reeducate him

His cold emotionless demeanour in his work outside the torture and reeducation, go forthing Winston baffled at times if his premises are true

[ Harassing Winston: ] `` 'You are decomposing off, ' he said ; 'you are falling to pieces. What are you? A bag of crud. Now turn around and look into that mirror once more. Make you see that thing confronting you? That is the last adult male. If you are human, that is humanity. ''


O'Brien 's prevarication of being in the Brotherhood, when in fact he was merely working for the Party to pin down Winston for thoughtcrime against the interior party

The possibility that O'Brien was one time a Rebel as revealed when he stated `` They got me long ago '' yet he has completed accepted the interior party 's policies, and works to weed out other Rebels such as Winston

`` It was O'Brien who was directing everything. It was he who set the guards on to Winston and who prevented them from killing him. It was he who decided when Winston should shout with hurting, when he should hold a reprieve, when he should be fed, when he should kip, when the drugs should be pumped into his arm. It was he who asked the inquiries and suggested the replies. He was the tormenter, he was the defender, he was the interrogator, he was the friend. ''

[ During anguish: ] `` O'Brien was looking down at him speculatively. More than of all time he had the air of a instructor pickings strivings with a wayward but promising kid. ''

Outside Reading Assignment - Part 3 ( Notes )

Excerpt 1: This transition is of import to one of the cardinal subjects of the book that war gives a political organic structure great power over its public, because it is obviously written out as a motto: `` WAR IS PEACE. '' It is the party 's manner of keeping its people united against an enemy in war. The full motto is representative of the party 's psychological control over the people of Oceania and is repeated throughout the work, stand foring its importance to the novel.

One literary technique used in the extract is word picture. Large Brother is characterized as being a visible radiation of reflecting hope to society, so much so that adult females break out in frenetic supplication towards him. This is besides used to portray the enemy of the people, Goldstein and the Eurasiatic, as being awful entities who should be hated at all costs. It besides describes how much attempt Winston puts into directing his hatred against something other than Goldstein, but towards something that the party and Big Brother are behind.

Another technique used in the transition is imagery. The vivid item used to depict what atrocities Winston would make in an act of hatred and force misdirected towards the adult female displays how deep-seated his hatred for Big Brother 's creative activities are.

Last, the enunciation used in the transition raises involvement. Winston describes his hallucinations as `` vivid and beautiful '' despite him depicting horrific atrociousnesss that he would perpetrate on the immature adult female. This being of import because he is depicting the significance of how he hates that such a beautiful adult female is being rendered dull by Big Brother 's celibacy plans.

Excerpt 2: This transition is of import because it displays the Party 's power to pull strings the yesteryear. With this power, they non merely command the hereafter, by doing it so that if the yesteryear was atrocious, the people work towards a brighter hereafter, or if the yesteryear was bliss, the people work towards it remaining the same. By the public believing that the Party saved them from a horrific past they place their trust and freedom within the Party 's custodies blindly, merely as the interior party wants.

A literary technique, used throughout the novel, in this transition is word picture ; the portraiture of the Party as this all powerful being that can change clip itself. This technique is described by Winston as `` terrorizing '' and how being portion of the altered world could good be more atrocious than `` anguish or decease. ''

Another literary technique used in this transition was enunciation. While depicting the procedure of altering the past, it is worded as `` rather simple. '' Used possibly sardonically because of the sum of work it would take the public to follow because of the usage of `` doublethink. '' Or possibly used in earnestness because the Party truly does n't hold to set attempt, they change the yesteryear and the people accept it, there is no work to be done mentally.

Outside Reading Assignment - Part 4 ( Tweet )

W. Smith

`` Finally went on work stoppage, foreman did n't wish thataˆ¦ Kinda sword lily now though, foreman and I are on good footings ''


`` In the novel 1984, worker W. Smith attempts a rebellion against his totalitarian authorities

merely to be silenced by a adult male he thought his ally ''

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