The Theme of Humanity in Social and Personal Ethics, a Book by John T. Noonan and Mary Anne Warren

Its a child not a choice, a famous bumper sticker that voices the opinion of people who oppose abortion, In the book Social and Personal Ethics, John T. Noonan Jr.. a law professor at University of California Berkeley, and Maiy Anne Warren, a philosophy professor at San Francisco State University argue their Views on the subject of abortion. The main question that these two professors argue over is how to determine the humanity of a being? First, the views of John T.

Noonan Jr., and his definition of a human being is when the spermatozoa enters into the ovum and at that point the life cycle has been started, He rejects the arguments from other philosophers that the fetus is not a human being until it has had certain experiences, until it has been exposed to the real world through birth, or until a feeling of loss would he suffered by the parents if the child were to die.

He also believes that at the point of conception a new being that has been created has its own genetic code and cannot be duplicated, Now.

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the opposing views expressed by Mary Anne Warren and her definition of a human being has two pans a genetic and moral, She argues that genetic part is not necessary or sufficient for personhood and she argues that are not persons in the moral part does not have characteristics that are central to personhood. She has six concepts that define central personhood and they are sentience, emotionality, reason, the capacity to communicate, sellrawareness.

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and moral agency. She also argues that fetuses are people or part of the moral community. She thinks that if there are laws passed to deny women the right to have an abortion it Will go against the moral law and deny them of their conditional rights. I agree with some points that Noonan and Warren make, but I also disagree. With some of their points.

I think that the fetus becomes a human being when the fetus gets a regular heart beat. I feel that it is all right to have an abortion before the fetus gets a heart heat. but after this I believe that abortions should not be permitted because the fetus has Vital organs. The only reason that I could think of to let someone have an abortion after the Vital organs are in tact is if the woman is raped or she has precipitated in incest, If abortion is allowed alter the point at which I have defined a human being the world might be missing out on great minds like a philosopher or even our next President of the United States.

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