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The Tent Of Abraham Essay

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The Tent Of Abraham

In the past years, conflicts among several religions and debates about their roles in the world had been the talk(Armstrong, 2007). These were proven with the explosion of wars between countries of different religious background. But with the evolution of the book, The Tent of Abraham, it was endow with stories where different religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam make a move to unify all faiths together. The book was recognized thru the effort of the three authors; Saadi Shakur Chishti (Islam), Rabbi Arthur Waskow (Judaism) and Joan Chittister (Christian).

The book was acknowledged primarily to be tackle about the Christian, Muslim and Jewish stories of Abraham and was mainly used to come up with a peaceful world. It was also seen in the book how the story of Abraham had been told differently in different faiths. It also shows the main purpose of reconciliation to promote peace between different religions.

It was related about personal lives of the three authors as well as other individuals and how each individual can be challenged. It was also considered to be spiritually dictated by tackling about God, and the parallelism among the religions of the three authors. Politically considerable due to entertaining each stranger and talking about how one culture prevails than the other and how to seek for peace.

By pointing out their views and perspective about the story of Abraham, the three authors came to construct their ideas to start with the book. Jewish provides the perspective on Sarah and Isaac, on the other hand Muslim focuses with Hagar and Ishmael. Accounts on Genesis, Quran and Midrash were utilized to establish the story of Abraham together with other folklores and practices.

At the heart of the story, the reconciliation among these three religions was figuratively stated and tackled up. It was shown and described here how Isaac and Ishmael try to reconcile with it other and put aside all hatred and bad feelings between them. And with this example, the three authors came up with the idea to bring up a united and peaceful world together with respect and honor with each other(Witonsky, 2007).

The authors to provide understanding with each other explains and share different life experiences and ideas. Rabbi Waskow tries to deconstruct the story’s levels of dread and always been trying and hoping to surpass to be recognized in the world and that they can be considered. And also he provides ideas about the encounter of Abraham with God and also teaches the essential of regarding every individual as a portrait of God.

Chittister shows how she understands the story by citing the experience of being a peacemaker who had contributed much to the Israeli and Palestinian women. And also she witness against violence by bringing peace to parents with conflict due to the killins of their children. Finally, Chishti considered the dimensions of the souls being characterized by the five principles with regards to the Sufi’s spiritual sensibility. He also challenged to pay attention to the visionary voice within and aims to bring up the concept of democracy among religions(Gorfinkel, 2006).

The world shows much evidence on how three faiths as a representative of different faiths and religions can generate abhorrence and violence. In the book, it is oppositely represented the current relations of different religions worldwide. It was shown in the book that could be the ground for united world. The current and established situation in the world could be used to interrelate each faith and religion to make a united world.

The book, The Tent of Abraham, was a inspiration for all individuals to build a society against the discrimination of discrimination of different faith and religion. As it was considered to be tent, the tent is an open ground for all individuals regardless of what religion he belong to. The authors with impressive tactics challenged every community to handles their engagement and relationship with others(Waskow, Chittister, & Chishti, 2007).

            The book only says much about the three Western religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as all related to Abraham of but does not necessarily mean that these religion only seeking for their own reconciliation. It is a worldwide call for peace and unity. The main aspect being presented was that even though Abraham’s tribe was separated by different faith they still manage to reconcile with each other and build a strong tribe.

The book is an eye and mind opener for those different faiths with conflicts. It shows possibilities for mutual relationship between our traditions and is advisable for those encouraging interfaith unity.  “The Tent of Abraham” is really a good book that you can read when you have some uncertainties and worries with regards to any interfaith work.

Hope is the primary vision of The Tent of Abraham: it is mainly concerned with how Jews, Christians and Muslims provide mutual understanding with regards with the essence on how they were bound by their relationship with Abraham. The book is particular in embracing ideas in a manner of demonstrating how women, especially those mothers that are insane in the tension that is happening, can observe undoubtedly than other elected official, that humankind should tell everyone that wars can never be an acceptable and reasonable solution to prevent any human need. People regardless of faith should read this to have greater views(Amazon.com, 2007).

This is a most important book of hope which is recommended. The team up of the three authors, having crucial deliberations on their different views and perspectives in Abraham and Sarah’s lives, could be a model for peace and discussion that can be utilize by different places of worshipping in the society.

The book was good in providing historical background of three religious institutions. Being a Christian, the book provide individuals greater understanding about the foundations of both the Jewish and Muslim faiths. With the topic tackled in the book, it also helps everyone understand more on the current issue standing alone with faith differences.


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