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The Teaching Profession Essay

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The Teaching Profession

Having perused the description of the teaching career in the Occupational Outlook Handbook, I am convinced that teaching is one of the best professions.  It is not only joyful to impart learning to a group of children, but it also serves a very important purpose.  Teachers shape lives.  Therefore, I believe that there is no career more important than teaching.  The best teachers help their students to develop great interest in continuous learning, while showing them how to respect others and develop a sense of self-worth.  Teachers may be creative, independent, and flexible on the job.

They may educate, guide, inspire, counsel, discipline as well as train.  They may give unto children the tools they could use throughout their lifetimes to make essential discoveries.  Teachers make a difference in their students’ lives, inspire young people to do amazing things, while challenging themselves and learning new things day after day.  Indeed, teachers may change the world.

Yet the most important reason why I want to become a teacher is that I believe in lifetime learning.  My learning would be of little benefit to the world if I would not choose teaching as a profession.  After all, the human community is based on sharing as well as caring.  I would like to keep on learning while sharing my knowledge with others.  Thus, teaching happens to be the most appealing profession to me.

     Nevertheless, the Occupational Outlook Handbook has not convinced me to take up teaching as a career in a public school.  The training and licensing requirements for these schools are rather stringent.  However, the Occupational Outlook Handbook mentions that “[p]rivate schools are generally exempt from meeting State licensing standards (“Teachers,” 2007).”  Hence, I would certainly continue to consider teaching in a private school as a good career choice for me.


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Occupational Outlook Handbook. Retrieved Nov 28, 2007, from http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos069.htm.

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