The teaching process Essay

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The teaching process

The teaching process should allow the student and the teacher to interact and have communication between the two groups as well as have some feedback between students about what they are learning. This tool allows the students to make comments about what the teacher is doing and to allow the teacher to show things to the students. This two way communication is essential in the learning process, and the way the students can comment and add information to the class is very important in promoting learning in the classroom.

With the added features of having an audio feed, relaying instructions or a commentary to the class allows for another sense to be used when learning a subject. Learning can be improved by having many people making comments about a teachers’ lesson plan, and this piece of software allows the students to have a way of making a comment about the material being studied, as well as allowing the teacher to let students comment on each others’ work. This is a very important learning tool which is made more important by the fact that students can make comments on what they are doing during the lesson.

If they like a particular part of the lesson plan then they can communicate this information back to the teacher. This is very helpful for the teacher to know what part of the lesson is useful for the students and which parts they like and which parts they do not like. This tool would be very helpful when classes need some discussion between students and the teacher, in debate situations where two sides try and prove their point to the rest of the class and when presentations need to be made to the whole classroom.

In conclusion the tool that is twiddla is very useful for teachers who want the students to be able to comment on what the teacher is teaching them. 2. Blogging is also a very important tool which is available for the teacher in making a plan for teaching and making that plan work in the classroom. If lessons happen using some blogging software, then students will always have a resource available to them if they want to study something outside the classroom environment.

The lesson plans and learning activities can be kept in one place online which the students can use at any time to refresh what they have learnt during the class time. Activities and information can be kept on the blog, as a central repository for the course information. If students are absent for any particular reason then they are able to look at the information that they missed at the time and are able to do any work which the teacher asked them to do during the class. This is helpful to the students as they will always have an online record of what has been studied during the classes and will help them during their exams.

Also if the blogging software can be changed to allow tests to be done online or coursework sent to the teacher then this will help to develop the learning process. Blogging can also be used as an e-collaborative tool which will allow students to submit some feedback to the teacher about which elements of the lesson plan are successful and which parts the students find to be not so good. The feedback section of a blog allows comments to be posted by anyone about the content on the blog.

This may have some disadvantages because of the way the system may be abused and some negative or personal comments made, however if there could be a way of identifying the students who are able to post comments on the blog site this software would be very good for a teacher who wants the students to be able to confirm that the lesson plan was positive or negative. Therefore in conclusion, this area of technology can be used by teachers to make their job much easier and to help the students to study outside the classroom environment during their own time.

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