The tea of today's time is either cramming effectual or

The tea of today’s time is either cramming effectual or just influential? In terms of academics. The cessation of the academic year is coming and the time to study for finals is rapidly approaching, it is the time to gather all the knowledge students have gained throughout the semester but is everything that has been taught remained? As stated by the internet, cramming is the practice of working intensively to absorb large volumes of informational material in short amounts of time.

It is often done by students in preparation for upcoming exams, especially just before they are due. However, as students, it is important to realize that we need to get in the habit of studying over a period of time for material that will be tested on rather than attempting to study at the last minute.

According to sources, 8 out of 10 people thinks that cramming is an effective way of learning but it actually leads us to more stress and exhaustion, because of doing so.

It is like a disease spreading that has started an epidemic throughout the nation. 70% of the student population has already been affected by this because of procrastination and the other 30% are who we consider being the “DILIGENT ONES”. Cramming in general, is a bad habit, relying on much amount of extra time an individual has can actually give you baggage of workload that will lead you to hours of worrying on how to make things done. A lot of students believes that to study an hour before the exam can give them much information that they can store in their mind but it is obvious that such ill-digested knowledge cannot remain permanently in his mind, and that the process whereby such facts are accumulated cannot train one’s intelligence.

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Students cannot recall much information after a cram session because memorization is not enough, and deep analyzation is much more needed.

People dealing with this case may look like they are not doing something to make a change but others are actually on the deep thought on how they can escape this cage of procrastination. A quote even says “Bite off more than you can chew, then keep chewing”. To avoid cramming, discipline should be built in yourself by starting to change your habits and having a set plan to attain time management. There should be a specific time allocated in doing homework, projects, and other not school related kinds of stuff. Second, many of us struggled during exams, to lessen the burden, study in advance, summarize all the topics and review it afterward nonetheless, we should use our leisure time wisely. Lastly, do not forget to have a good night sleep, to relax your brain from the outburst of information.

To cram is not that bad at all, sometimes it is an act of being desperate to do well despite being not ahead in terms of academics and the need to get high GPA or Grade Point Average for it is the basis to get into a good school and a passage in having a job. The main point of taking a course is to retain knowledge and pass the course but our perceptions have changed because of the norms our society has set for us. Just like how Universities become a place of intense stress and cramming rather than a place of higher learning and academia. The aim is targeted towards attaining only extrinsic rewards: achieving good grades and qualifications, if it has become the object of learning then cramming as defined is considered as right and justifiable. Sloth is the most prominent reason why students tend to swot. Each one of us should learn to not waste time on useless things, instead, manage it and do convenient things that can make progress in the future. Learning is more beneficial in terms of the physical and psychological well-being of a person than putting oneself into the state of sleep deprivation and stress disorders.


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