The Taling Goldfish Essay

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The Taling Goldfish

After a tiring day at school I headed home. I had so much homework to do. On my way I saw a pet shop and smiled. I decided to go in for a toy for my cat. I walked past the adorable rabbits. Then I saw it. It was exotic looking fish with golden scales and red fins. I just had to get it. There was a girl standing beside me and she told me ‘It’s a gorgeous fish isn’t it?’ I walked out thinking of ways to persuade my parents to let me get him. I was so distracted that I forgot about the toy for Felix.

When I got home my mother took one look at me and asked ‘What do you want now?’ My mother is amazing. She always knows what I’m thinking. ‘Well I was thinking about having another pet.’ I said nervously ‘What’s wrong with Felix?’ she asked me. ‘Nothing but I was in the pet shop and I saw a really cool fish.’ I told her. ‘If you can be responsible for two pets you can.’ She explained. ‘Thank you so much!’ I squealed. Little did I know this was a very bad idea.

The next day after school I went to the pet shop. I looked in the fish tank but the fish wasn’t there. I went up to the counter and the girl I talked to yesterday was there. I asked her ‘excuse me but have you any more of those fish that we were looking at yesterday.’ ‘We have only one left.’ she smiled. ‘I would like to buy it please.’ I replied. She gave me a bowl and food first and then the fish. I stared at it. It was really cool. I paid for them and headed home.

As soon as I got in the front door my dad called out for me. I put the stuff on the table for a minute. I went to my dad and helped him with the boxes he was carrying. As soon I was finished I ran back to the fish. I filled the bowl with water and tipped the fish in. Felix climbed onto the counter and was looking at the fish hungrily. I noticed this so I pushed Felix off the counter. I swear I heard someone saying thank god. I ignored that and headed to my room.

After supper I gave the fish some food. He gulped it down greedily. Felix’s eyes glinted with excitement. When I turned my back Felix jumped onto the counter and looked at the fish evilly. Just at the right moment I turned around. I gasped and grabbed Felix off the counter. ‘Thank you I thought he was going to eat me.’ the fish said quickly. I stared at it dumbly. It swam around in the bowl and then faced me. It spoke again ‘can I have more food?’

The fish gave me such a shock. I nearly wanted to tell my mother but I knew she wouldn’t believe me. I couldn’t believe I had a talking fish. I headed to bed early that night feeling weird. The next day I got an English essay and loads more homework to do. When I went home the fish spoke not only to me but my mother. I’d like to say she took it well but I could tell by the expression on her face that she thought she was going crazy. She was silent and walked into the kitchen. I sat down in the sitting room and started my homework.

The fish opened his mouth and began to speak. He started to get arrogant ‘Hey I’m starving feed me.’ ‘Oh shut up’ I told him and looked up from my homework. I sighed and rolled my eyes then rose up from the couch. I grabbed his food from the kitchen. ‘Hurry up I’m not getting any younger here.’ I gave him a good amount of food and sat back down on the couch. I started my English essay that was due the next day. ‘Ahem I said ahem!’ I glanced up to see the fish looking down on me. ‘That’s essay is terrible’ he stated. That was the last straw. ‘Come here Felix’ I called to my cat.

Felix came prowling into the room. He had a mischievous look on his face. I laughed as he plopped himself on top of me. That shut up the fish. I decided to bring the fish back to the pet store. I left a note saying where I was gone and put the fish into a bag with water. The pet shop was just around the corner so I didn’t have to go far. I went up to the counter and I said to the girl that I was bringing him back. She said nothing and smiled.

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