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The Taliban Essay

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The Taliban

In the early 80s two different authors have differs originating background of the Taliban. One was as a group of people that arose to combat the cruel, unjust killings and raping vices that took place when a family was on a journey. The second author reported the intervention of Taliban group was in response to “Afghanistan Transit Trade” group of mafia, who illegally extort citizens on transit. The Taliban arose to disrupt these bandits across all roads and the Afghanistan government. The Taliban are a people in support of “Sunni Islamist movement” led by Mr. Mohammed Mullah Omar.

The leader was disarmed by collective military forces in Northern and NATO countries (Quote). Prior to his removal, Mullah Omar was a teacher and a military subgroup head. The Taliban has majorly Pashtuns ethnicity. They gathered from southern part of Afghanistan, Western region Pakistan, Europe, and China. The Taliban group gets part of their support, training and arms from the Pakistani State (Jalali, 2008).

The Taliban cultural ideology is such an extreme. They practice a severe form of sharia law termed “Pashtun tribal codes”. The source been the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam organization in Pakistan. The law ban and sanction various activities. They are considered anti-Islam. They respond in raising Jihad against defaulters. Their rulings dominate the infiltrated Afghanistan, constituting over 40%. They still left other traditions undisturbed despite the tribal codes. The Taliban’s reviewed Islamic doctrine spread to Muslim practices in some parts of the world. These doctrines regulate the people’s ways of life, the dress codes for men and women (Dupree, Nancy, 2001).

About the Government, the Taliban holds no election of officers into office, no political grouping. The leaders are chosen by made to predecessor and made to sworn to an oath of allegiance prepared over sixty years ago. The officials earn no salary but receive just food, clothes, arms and shoes. They proclaim to maintain the live led by old Muslim Prophet. They added that Jihad is a right so it must be fought with their blood. Jihad is a holy war against unbelievers who blaspheme. Their ministers have “madrassa” educational background.

The women are treated with huge restriction. They cannot wear exposed cloths, they only take cab with close relative company, they do not wash at the stream bank, they do not do any work order than being a medical officer to treat and examine female only. They live with darkened windows; they are not permitted to receive primary education. Violation of these laws leads to severe beating up. Other notable activities banned in 1996 by the Taliban government are shaving of beards, western hairstyles, music/dancing at weddings, not praying at prayer times (Dupree, Nancy, 2001).

Osama Bin Laden from Sudan arrived Afghanistan with no invitation and was able to form alliance with the Taliban. In 1997, the Taliban’s harsh doctrines, war crimes, terrorism acts and inhuman behavior towards local troops resulted in the killings of Taliban’s troops by the Northern Alliance. They did avenge, killing thousands of civilians and created more international scene.

In 2001, the Taliban were away from most of the Afghanistan through a concerted effort by both US and Northern Alliance forces. Presently they do not have control in Afghanistan ad before but they go all round in avenging the brutality against their doctrine and people. They are suicide bombers we here of day by day on television. They are said to be violating human right, killing non-combatants civilian.

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