The Tales of Genji and 1001 Nights

The tales of Genji is a classic work that follows the rules of Japanese Literature. The book mainly contains references from the early 11th century years. It is a depiction of the life of the courtiers in the Heian period. In this case, the book discusses only the highly regarded courtiers and the reasons why they were considered so. The book is diverse and also focuses on gender specific situations in line with relationships and how they are rated. The 1001 nights also discusses issues relative to Arabic folk tales that were put together in the Islamic golden era.

The book discusses the scope of relationships in terms of intimate relationships and spouses. The two books create a wide range of ideas concerning love and relationships and the factors that make the subject the most important. This paper discusses the relation the two books have to romantic love and the relation to marriage and/or the lack of it.

The Tales of genji

The tales of Genji discusses the evaluation that the author has done on various relationships and the proper findings that have been gathered as facts.

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The connection to romantic love in this book starts with Genji himself who is the son of an emperor, living in the Heian era. The man is involved in several love affairs and in them includes the aristocracy lifestyle that is in Japan (Hirota, 1997). His many love affairs differ from one relationship to another and are a great example of what the current world is always evolving into when it comes to relationships and being faithful to one partner as well.

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The emperor had one favourite concubine among all the concubines that spent time with him. Her name was Kiritsubo and she always received undivided attention from the emperor unlike every other concubine in the kingdom.

The author in this book by narrating the story wants to express several factors that come with love and marriage. The possibility of having several affairs as genie is not fictional. There are people whose main agenda is to have the specific copy of the kind of person who reminds them of their most influential mentor. The basis of this book based on romantic love is meant to answer the questions that have always been asked and need to be asked for the sake of growing the probability of healthy courtship and also healthy and compatible relationships as well.

The story of marriage and relationships starts to take a toll on the book where there are several questions posed. The depictions are meant to create a mental picture of what relationships best define as the most reliable form of love and the best way to maintain certain results. The questions asked are such as, the long search for love and what it can do to a person. It connects to marriage by enhancing the way in which marriage is interlinked with the type of environment in which the gist of courtship can be felt and appreciated. Genji is represented as one who ended up with nothing in line with the kind of love as that he had seen between his mother and father.

The 1001 Nights

In this book, the Sultan punishes his wife for being unfaithful. The marriage is then in shambles due to this act of unfaithfulness (Mahdi, 1985). The book creates a certain level of information concerning principles, faithfulness and also the general aspect of marriage and how it connects to courtship, love and also the level of a relationship and the amount of time. The main subject in this book concerns betrayal. The link is meant to be a drawing scale for the people to be a part of and understand the kind of situations that propel a marriage and also develop some of their own.

The book is clearly the basis of a great and reliable research done on the capability of relationships to change the way people perceive each other before and after they are in a relationship or become intimate with each other. The 1001 nights is the most relevant in matters that concern tradition and the need to uphold the same since the best and most romantic poems are created for the sake of leaping into the best romantic situations that the world and a person could offer.

The two books are relative to the fact that marriage is institution that require all effort to keep up with the trends that most commonly take precedence in the lives of many. The purpose is to appreciate the various relationships that a person is put through, and the progress that they make after each relationship or after each experience in the Arabian culture. The relevance of these books is the ability to create a need for the differentiation between romantic love and marriage. The necessity is to ensure that the readers acquire most of the wisdom that propels nature to ensure that the people emotionally dependent on each other stay that way.

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