The Tale of Tommy Nobody (A Bird Story) Essay

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The Tale of Tommy Nobody (A Bird Story)

The book called “The Tale of Tommy Nobody” tackles about the experience of a young bird named Tommy, the youngest of the songthrush family, his quest for identity and disposition in the society.

The adventure started when the mother songthrush Sally finally allowed her six hatchlings to leave the nest and practice how to fly. Incidentally, the youngest and the smallest among the brood is Tommy. He is the last to go, and while the others seemed to have perfectly landed on the other tree branch, Tommy winded up with a crash at a nearby bird table. Whereby, other birds crowded around him and asked “what kind of bird is he?” By then, Tommy realized that he has no idea what he is, specifically when Bobby Bullfinch reiterated that “Everyone is somebody”.  This launched Tommy’s quest of finding out who and what he really is.

Tommy made conversations with birds of different characteristics. Regardless of how they sound, what their appearance is and their nature, he made an attempt to find a link between him and the other birds, just to find out if he’s “one of them.” Given the fact that he is young, he got limitless hopes and grand undertakings. Simple task for him means the answer to his identity that will determine the rest of his life..

In the story, the most striking character is Tommy. He is in the process of a major change in his life. A crossroad between childhood and adulthood. Leaving the nest and learning how to fly in search for his own identity. An obstacle that all of us went through during that fragile times in our lives. To be different and to conform, to find out your own niche and a place to belong. The challege is to get stuck or grow up at all, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.


Thompson, Ruth; The Tale of Tommy Nobody (My Nature Library, First Ed. 1982)

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