The Symbolic and the Omnipotent

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It is a structure that at the same time expresses the external and internal aspects of a phenomenon and is not so closely linked to the inquiry as it is, but to such a sign that the essence is well met. meaning and capacity. science developed much earlier than all other fields. The essence of the inner, outer, and inner meaning of the universe. The main means of higher-level cognition are culture. The omnipotent view of management is that management is directly responsible for the success and failure of the organization.

This is a management theory and a socially dominant view. The concept of management symbolism addresses most of the successes and failures of an organization due to external factors beyond its management. Leadership is consistent with the stereotype of executive power, which can overcome any obstacle to achieving an organization’s goals.

The theory of management, which is generally prevalent in society, is that managers are directly responsible for the success or failure of an organization.

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This perspective is called the powerful management perspective. Others believe that most of the success and failure of an organization is due to external factors beyond the control of managers. This perspective is called the symbolic concept of leadership. The universal forces say that the discrepancy in the organization is due to the decisions and actions of its managers. Good managers look at change, take advantage of opportunities, correct poor performance, and lead their organizations. As profits grow, managers take out credits, reward them with bonuses, stock options, and more.

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When profits go down, senior executives are often swayed by the belief that they will get better results. When things go well, managers take out loans, even if they are positive.

Being strong in management can explain the high turnover between college and professional sports coaches, and consider them manager of your team. Hopefully, coaches who have lost more games to win will be replaced, replaced by new coaches and will be repaired if not enough. The concept of symbolism is that the ability of a manager to influence his performance is influenced and limited by external factors. In this view, it is unreasonable to expect that managers will have a significant impact on the operations of the organization. Instead, performance is influenced by factors that have weak control over managers, such as economics, clients, government policies, competitor activity, industry conditions, and decisions made by previous managers. This view is labeled symbolic. Because it is based on the belief that managers have control, influence, through drawing up decisions, making decisions and engaging in other managerial activities to create a sense of randomness, confusion and ambiguity. However, the real part of managing managers’ success or failure is limited by this view.

Rapidly developing, it has attracted innovative analysts with a brilliant strategy, purchasing management skills, and impressive customer service. The concept of symbolism indicates that performance is diminished due to circumstances beyond the control of managers.

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