The Supply Chain in B2C Site Essay

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The Supply Chain in B2C Site

Business has definitely achieved a huge improvement in the age of technology. In the old times, brick and mortar were mainly utilized in order to run a simple business. Today, due to the development and continuous improvements in the capabilities of the internet, the business that we knew before has reached a higher level, wherein relationships and connections between suppliers and consumers became easier.

A business-to consumer (B2C) refers to the activity wherein the providers of goods and services are the E-businesses, and the receiving end is the consumers, through the use of a variety of internet applications (Ross, 52). In addition to this, most of the time, the relationships in business-to-consumer are created and developed through the use of the internet, or preferably in the form or structure of an internet marketing.

Business-to-consumer is comprised of a variety of dovetailing objectives such as generating revenue through the process of selling goods and services, or in the development or improvement of customer loyalty by providing the clients or customers with a customized shopping experience, and the development of repositories for customer data. In this generation, most profitable business-to-consumer e-commerce seeks to simultaneously sell products and services. It also seeks to create an on-line content and community, as well as the reduction of the overall cost of channel transactions (Mentzer, 103).

Business-to-consumer e-commerce is a good choice as compared to other e-commerce in the sense that it is able to provide a faster and easier shopping experience to buyers and sellers. Business-to-consumer transactions are generally straight forward, concerning or consisting mainly of the business and the consumer. In business-to-consumer e-commerce, the changes regarding the prices or cost of goods and services in the internet take place in a continuous and instantaneous manner.

Another added feature of the business-to-consumer e-commerce is that call centers can be incorporated or connected with the internet site providing the goods and services. Being a commerce which utilizes the internet, improving the internet connection speed or using broadband telecommunications can definitely improve the transactions of goods and services, or the business experience as a whole. In addition to this, only requires the customer to think of the product that he wants to buy and purchase it from the suppliers or businesses through the internet.

Most of the companies that are encompassed in the business-to-consumer transactions are online intermediaries. Business-to-consumer can be possible through these online intermediaries wherein the perspective consumers, either buyers or sellers, are facilitated by companies who in return receive a part or profit from the transaction values. Some business-to-consumer web sites do not sell products at all. Their goal is simply to give content and services that derive earnings through the advertisements and subscription fees which they receive.

On the other hand, there are business-to-consumer companies which give services that manage the transactions between the buyers and sellers. For example, UPS receives or creates revenue from its internet site through providing logistics services which makes shipment and electronic bill payments possible between suppliers and customers.

Other examples of the businesses that provide goods are,, etc, where the customer can easily browse, locate and purchase whatever they need. In addition to this, due to the improvement of the internet transactions, online auctions, travel services, health information, online banking or even real estate can now be possible through business-to-consumer e-commerce.

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