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The sun’s coverage of the royal family Essay

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Examine the sun’s coverage of the royal family in the edition of Monday 10th November and Tuesday 11th November

The sun is a tabloid newspaper, which is a national paper often grouped with The Daily Mirror, The People and News of the World. It’s slogan “Dedicated to the people of Britain”, suggests that it is only created for the people in Britain. The sun is a popular tabloid newspaper, it shows bias because it shows it’s own point of view. Tabloids are aimed at social groups, C2, D, E, these social groups come under the job titles of plumber, postal workers, casual workers and also the unemployed. Tabloid newspapers are aimed at social groups who are generally not educated to a further education level and are also less skilled readers. Tabloid newspapers rely on bold layouts such as headings, colour photographs, more human interest stories, more light hearted coverage such as media and soap stars and short articles which are not covered in great depth this is because some people do not enjoy reading lots but have curiosity in the latest news.

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The Sun Newspaper is part of an international news group, owned by Rupert Murdoch. Rupert Murdoch is known to be a republican, he wishes to see the end of monarchy and the royal family, in Australia his country of origin and in Britain. The editorial policy of the newspaper, the bias the paper shows is supposed to be in control of the editor, but Murdoch has used the Sun to attack the members of the royal family. However Rupert Murdoch has used the Sun to attack members of the royal family. On the death of Princess Diana in 1997, the whole royal family including the queen was attacked. Most recently, Prince Charles has been singled out and compared unfavourably with his mother the queen, prince Edward and William and Harry his sons.

The Sun gives blanket coverage of the royal family starting from page one all the way up to page eight except for the page three girls. The sun usually would print more of a mix of news stories and celebrity gossip, but the royal family is viewed as a soap opera by the paper. In the Sun’s newspaper, we looked at Monday 10th November and Tuesday 11th November newspapers. We studied the coverage of the royal family, the lead article of Monday’s newspaper was about Charles’ sexuality, and this is compared unflatteringly with the secondary article about the queen leading Remembrance Day and Sophie and Edward’s baby.

The by line tells us that Paul Thompson is the name of the report editor. The by line is at the start of this article and this is because he must be a well-respected reporter. The lead article uses play on words, some headlines include a pun or are quite blunt, and this may be because the headline is a summary of the whole story. The headline is always in bold print because they want it to stand out. I think that the sub-heading is significant because it is just above the article but does not tell you allot. The newspaper puts theses particular stories on the front page because the public are interested in these stories.

Photographs are used by all different kind of newspapers because they attract the reader’s attention. The photograph on the front page of Monday 10th November is a picture of Prince Charles’ face. In the picture the prince does not look very happy he looks upset and “Grim faced” as the journalist has described and used a number of times in the lead article.

The lead article on the accusations about prince Charles’ sexuality has in big bold font, “CHARLES’ MOMENT OF TRUTH”, the writing is in white with a black background, from this we learn that this is something serious and it also gives us the idea that, it’s time Charles faced up to reality and that it’s time to come clean about what he’s done. The heading to the leading story, which says “Royals in Torment”, implies that it’s time to face reality and that he’s upsetting the whole of the royal family. The keyword, which makes the reader, want to read on is “grim faced”, this tells us that Charles is extremely worried and upset because the accusation about his sexuality is very serious. This is the “biggest crisis of his life”, suggests that Charles is in deep trouble, this reminds us of his reputation, for example the way he treated Diana and hi affair with Camilla. The article is then continued on page four.

The article uses capital letters for some words, to make them stand out from the rest, quote: “NOT gay OR bisexual”, by reading this makes you think that there is actually some truth in the humour and this draws attention. The article then goes onto say that a personal T.V appearance was seen as a possible way to cancel allegations and how Smith claimed that he had been raped by a royal aide, this also suggests that there may be truth in the humour about Charles’ and Smith’s gay relationship. The sun then puts the point of view of another person, who is putting his point across in support of Charles, he says that “smith is a sick fantasist who ruined my life”, from just this part of the sentence we can see, that smith is just doing this because he wants to wreck Charles’ life as well.

The second article is in juxtaposition with the lead article, this is because putting two articles together makes it more effective. The Second article on the front page, only takes up a strip, which is only about five centimetres wide at the bottom of the page. The article is about Sophie the countess of Wessex, who was recently in a life or death situation. Sophie was in agony when giving birth, it was a very serious matter. The article then goes on to talk about how prince Edward immediately jetted home, to be with his wife and newborn, this shows that Edward is a family man because he rushed home from his official visit to Mauritius to be with his family.

The editor exaggerates even more by saying that the couple were said to be delighted and were really happy, this was their first baby, and they had a miscarriage before. This shows exaggeration because another member of the royal family is in the newspaper but he does not seem delighted at all, following the accusations he has been accused of. There is only a small picture used for the second article, this is a picture of Sophie’s face, she does not look very happy though, this is because she had been in a seriously bad condition.

The double page spread on pages four and five is also about Charles, The headline ” Charles in fury over ‘betrayal'” Suggest that Charles is questioning the truth and feels that the accusations that have been made are disloyal. The heading to the leading article reads ” D-DAY FOR HEIR OVER VALET’S SEX CLAIM” by reading this it makes us think, that this is something very serious because d-day refers to the invasion in Normandy, which was a very important day.

This also suggests that Charles should go on the offensive and he should fight back. The editor uses play on words for the sub heading and in the article, the words, which he uses is “gagging” and “gagging order”, this suggests that Charles is eager to have sex, choking over something and stopping you talking all three of these things imply sexual innuendo. There is also a point of view put across by Bolland who is in support of Charles and says that Charles is not gay or bisexual. Overall the article implies that whatever is said is true but kept hidden. There is little picture above the article, which shows prince Charles sitting at a table with the children in Oman. This picture suggests that Charles is a friendly chap and enjoys visiting people around the world.

On the other side of the double spread is a picture of Prince Charles, This picture takes up half the page. The picture shows prince Charles walking down the stairs of a plane. He looks old and hunched over. He looks even unhappier and he looks as if he is walking very carefully down the stairs holding onto the side. At the bottom corner of the picture is a short sentence and once again it reminds us that Charles is looking grim faced. Right at the bottom of the page is a sentence reminding us that, the article on Edward and his wife is on pages six and seven.

On the other side of the picture, is an article on Charles’s sons, this is also another article in juxtaposition with an article about Charles. The article uses play on words in the heading “Princes boy having a ball”, the boys are not really having a ball, Harry’s at a rugby match and he’s cheering for the England team and William is out having fun, with three blondes we are told. The paper wants to show that, the princes sons are heartless, uncaring and are not bothered about their father. There are also photographs of Prince William and Harry. There is a picture of Harry hugging the England Captains wife, over the joy of the defeat. There is photograph of William but it’s jus a picture of his face. This shows bias because the princes son’s have been photographed having fun, jus because their father is being tormented doesn’t mean that his son’ can’t have fun and be caring.

The next double page spread is about the queen leading remembrance and Edward and Sophie’s baby. The double spread has been divided in to two the top half is about Remembrance Day and the bottom half is about Edward jetting home. There are lots of Photographs of important people on this page. There is a picture of the oldest soldiers covered in medals, they are representing the best of our country. Remembrance day is a day for all who lost live for fighting for our country and there is always a parade at Cenotaph, Whitehall on the 11th November.

Then there is a picture of the queen she is looking serious for good reasons, she is being unselfish and patriotic, showing her love of the country. The last picture on the side is a picture of the prime ministers old and new, they have also attended this service to show their loyalty to their country. This shows bias because the queen is shown to be devoted to her country by attending the service, this is only showing the good side of the queen and the newspaper is making it out to look that the queen is loyal to her country and would never do anything to harm her country.

There is then a short article about Sophie in the top left hand corner. The photo shows a picture the hospital, which Sophie had been admitted to. The heading, which says “TOUGH TIME FOR SOPHIE”, tells us that Sophie had a tough labour. The article tells us that Sophie was in danger her blood pressure was dangerously high. The article also exaggerates the description of the Sophie and the baby saying that Sophie might feel unable to bond with her baby because they were in different hospitals.

The second lead article on the double page spread is about Edward dashing home to be with his family. The heading “EDWARD IN DASH HOME TO HIS GIRLS Earl jets 6,000 miles”, informs us that Edward was eager to get home and see his family. The article tells about how Edward kept a long distance line open virtually through the caesarean. Edward is usually criticised by the press predominantly by tabloids, this is because his extravagant house makeover, failed the T.V company and now he is seen as the perfect family man, compassionate about his wife and child he is now normal, in contrast with his older brother Charles. This shows bias because the article once again only shows the good views about Edward and makes Edward out to be a saint. There is not a very interesting picture of Edward here it is jus a picture of him waving.

There is also a cartoon on page eight, the cartoon supports the sun’s view. The cartoon associates together with more than one story. It links together with the lead article about Charles and Edward’s newborn. The cartoon suggests that Charles may not inherit the throne from his mother and that he will abdicate because the public don’t think he’s fit to reign as king. This implies Prince Philip dislikes his son and this has been written about repeatedly and is an established fact. The main characters in the cartoon are, the queen with the new baby her granddaughter, prince Philip who is reading the news paper article and Prince Edward and his wife Sophie. The message that the cartoon is trying to get across is that Charles is not fit to take over the throne.

In Tuesday’s paper, the sun seems s to have changed their view and is now supporting Charles. One day after, attacking Charles in the lead article and contrasting him with the queen and Edward critically. Now the sun seems to support him, this column is an editorial. At the beginning of the article the sun writes about how the rumours will wreck his future.

They give their biased opinion and then they attack the royals. The sun say that smith is unreliable, and then they try to make Charles out to be a normal person and tell us how his son’s are going through hell. At the end of the article the sun suggests that the law will be passed to stop free speech about the royal family and the sun won’t be able to carry on attacking the royal family. The photograph on this, page is a picture of Prince Charles in top hat and tails, this suggests and reinforces the ideas that he is a rich upper class man.

I think that in most cases it is good that newspapers show bias, as it would be very boring to read the articles if the newspaper showed a neutral account of the stories because it would just be a page full of facts about each side. When bias is shown in an article there are usually comments from the people involved and these help you to make up your mind about the article. Bias in a newspaper is not something that I think is wrong, because you don’t have to take a certain side just because the newspaper does. The only time that I think newspapers shouldn’t be biased is when the article is about a court case that hasn’t taken place, and the newspaper takes sides before anything has been proven. Then when the wrong side has been taken someone will end up getting a reputation for something that they are not guilty of.

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