The Sun House Essay

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The Sun House

Maxwell Fry is an outstanding British Architech, who left bright and unforgettable heritage after him. He was the one who devoted his life to architecture and was considered to be modernist architect. The pieces of Fry’s architecture could be found all over Britain and this essay would represent the analysis of his first London Creations – the Sun House. As it was mentioned before the Sun House was the first among the modernist creation by Maxwell Fry appeared in London: “Sun House was the first truly Modernist houses to appear in London.

Maxwell Fry was introduced to the new style by his friend Wells Coates and has helped to found famous MARS (Modernist Architecture Research) group in 1932” (Davies, 2006). It goes without saying that the house still attracts contemporary investigators and researchers due to its original construction for those times. It would be obvious to note that Fry was significantly impacted by purist villas, which were the projects of Le Corbusier.

When planning and building the Sun House, Fry was not already dilettante and inspired by Le Corbusier he put all his creative and practical experience to give birth to the Sun House. This could be observed in “many clever subtleties of the plan and section” (Davies, 2006). The building is placed in such a way that the side slopes provide a nice view over London. The panoramic window and a balcony add to the width of the house and provide outstanding space for the visitor. The innovative constructions used by Maxwell Fry are perfectly reflected in this creation of the outstanding architect.

The significant impact of the purist modern villas could be observed in these shapes of the panoramic window and balcony. The small entrance, garage and plant room are lost by the below slope (Davies, 2006). These features attract the viewer’s attention to the shape lines of panoramic window. The two bedrooms on the second floor face to the south and the flat roof due the traditions of Corbusier are represented as the garden. The innovative ideas gave the very special charm to the whole building.

The architect used open planned space as the core detail of the inside building, these creates an illusion of the wide space. The balconies, stair cases and location of the bedrooms create a unique atmosphere of the open place: “The dining room is therefore two steps higher than the living room creating a perfect transition with the open-plan space. The living room balcony is not a mere ledge from which to admire the view. But a considered functional space that expands at the east end into the square external room” (Davies, 2006).

These ideas were first introduced in the British private section architecture and what should be noted the architect planned the Sun house very functional. He thought about everything, about people who could share different interests and could look for different space. The bay window in the corner located in the back of the living room is a perfect place for sitting for alone for some time either reading or sewing or having cup of tea in the mild and not annoying north light. A roof garden is an outstanding innovation by Maxwell house.

He made really magnificent invention for the city dwellers, who are anyway intended to go and breathe fresh air. What is important to note such a roof adds to the solution of environmental problem in the cotemporary times. But at the period the Sun House was created it was really an outstanding innovation, for those who live in the city. It really adds to the charm of the whole building. According to Colin Davies this project could be regarded to as “an early work in stylistic terms, but it is nevertheless the mature work of a master craftsman” (Davies, 2006).

I consider that the most successful decision the architect realized in this building is the play with the spaces. He masterfully combined the plan of the house, reaching an outstanding level of comfort. The balconies and slopes cover the additional but unattractive elements of the building such as garage from the visitor’s sight and the same time provide the additional space with the help of well planned location of the rooms.

Even it was fist London building by Maxwell Fry I consider the Sun House to be the outstanding success as it was absolutely new idea in British architecture and design. It was new development stage of the whole understanding of the inner space of the house that is why I consider the experiments provided by Maxwell Fry reached the success and his outstanding idea with the roof garden is still tried to be realized in different cities in order to solve the environmental problem.

It goes without saying that the Sun House was the core innovation at the times it was built and the architect Maxwell House reached recognition and his creative works are valuable heritage for the future generation in Britain and the whole world. References: 1. Davies C. (2006). The Sun House. Key Houses of the Twentieth Century: Plans, Sections and Elevations. Lawrence King’s Publishing Ltd: London

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