The sum of all fears Essay

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The sum of all fears

Fear is an emotion that is embedded with in all of us. No one knows the essence of fear, it is what it is…intangible. The strongest of men fall to the mercy of fear, consuming the mind, and blocking all rational judgment. Fear lies unawakened in the dark recesses of the soul, only to be awoke by the treacheries of the unknown. Fear manifests itself in many ways, the most common way however, is anger, and I know this manifestation all to well. Anger controls a large portion of my life, I am never alone. I know that anger originates from fear, yet I simply cannot pinpoint the essence of my evil demon, nor the channel of which it comes. All that I can recall, is that it is never ending, a vicious form of hell that is all knowing, and all seeing. Perhaps the reason why I have anger soaring through my body, tearing at my muscles, and throbbing in my mind, is the obvious fact that I have failed to become acquainted with myself, resulting in fear, because if I don’t know myself, who does? I’ve been known to snap at others, even those closest to me, and for no apparent reason.

Yet I know this, fear is some how a way of life, an inevitable feeling that takes control of mind and body, and abandons you when you need it most. For I have come to thrive off of this feeling of hatred for my fellow man, it is possibly what keeps me ready, anticipating the next move of all men and creatures has a certain thrill that you simply cannot imitate, or find anywhere else. As all know, everything has a side kick, Bat man has Robin, the Green Hornet has Kato, and fear has pain. Pain is fears ugly cousin, only rearing its face when fear is at its greatest peak. You know that you should fear when pain becomes pleasure, and fear has already become instinct.

Pain is unforgiving, always leaving a sign that it was once there, even if only an emotional wound. I have come to know pain very well, I have had to live with this virus, as we all have, throughout my ________ years of life. No matter how much time passes the pain is relentless, clawing at my soul, and what little confidence I have left. I fear that this is what will be the end of my being, pain, the structure less form. In conclusion, fear and pain are one in the same. Never ending, nor caring who or what it strikes down. The key, I think, is acceptance…learn to accept that fear is inevitable, and pain comes bearing no gifts. So live your life on your own terms, if you don’t, fear will live it for you.

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