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The Successful in the End Essay

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In the given extract, good leadership skills are again shown when Prospero frees Ariel, “Ariel… be free and fare thou well”. This therefore shows that Prospero is a man of his word, in that he will keep his promises, as he did in saying he would free Ariel after he had carried out his project.

This therefore demonstrates how Prospero will be a good leader when he returns to Milan in that he keeps his word, but also that he is prepared to sacrifice the great amount of power that Ariel gives him with his vast magical powers, and hence shows that Prospero is prepared to rule fully by himself, and is a good leader as he demonstrates he is not obsessed with power – he simply uses what he needs for what he needs, and does not thirst for more power.

The granting of freedom of Ariel, and hence the ending of the play, also displays the restoration of power and the return of people to their correct places – as Ariel is now free to do as he wishes, rather than following orders, and hence everything is returned to the way it should be.

As a result, the ending is appropriate, as it does not result in purely conflict, but in unity and restoration of where people should be, and the roles that they should possess.

Conversely, the ending could be seen as being unclear, as we are uncertain as to whether anyone has truly undergone a transformation for the better. For example, Antonio and Sebastian are punished for the usurpation of Prospero, and the plot to kill Alonso, however they never actually apologise for the act. Even when Prospero simply reminds them privately of what they did, they seem to show no remorse. “I [Prospero] here could pluck this highness’ frown upon you and justify you traitors…

I will tell no tales” “[Sebastian] The devil speaks in him”. This therefore shows how perhaps all conflicts have not been resolved and hence there is a question of whether Prospero’s ‘project’ has fulfilled its purpose. This is again shown with Alonso, as, although he returns Prospero’s dukedom, and shows remorse, this does not automatically mean that Alonso has changed, as the returning of Prospero’s dukedom, does not directly affect him.

That is to say that when Alonso returns to Italy, he will still be King, and nothing will have changed. It is therefore unclear as to whether Alonso has transformed his character by being on the island, and hence again, it is difficult to see whether the whole aim of bringing Alonso, Sebastian etc to the island was accomplished. Therefore the ending is perhaps inappropriate as it shows an element that the Prospero’s whole project has not been successful in the end.

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