The Success of Company

What suggestions would you offer to Art to improve his operation? It seems as though, Art prematurely opened the two locations in neighboring states. Because Art was a constant figure in his other locations from inception, the vision that he had for those locations were taught and able to be practiced to his standards. There are at least three areas in which this operation can be improved. It is clear that art believes that the common denominator in the success of all his other locations is his presence.

At the locations in neighboring states his managers feel as though, he frequents the locations too much. There is a clear disconnect in his intent and their out look of the situation. His manager likely believe that he doesn’t trust them to effectively manage, and do the job in which they were hired. They likely seem his as a micromanager. I believe that this problem can be solved with simple communication.

He explains the reasoning behind his constant visitations and I’m sure his manager will be able to understand his reasoning and that will relieve some of the tension.

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Also, his managers do not seem to know what Art is expecting of them as managers. This problem can be handled with training. Art may want to think about closing down his locations for a limited period of time in order to teach his managers what is expected of them. When Art visited these locations, it seems as though he never effectively

What management skills must Art master if he is to resolve his problems and continue to grow? Conceptual skills may help him to understand that in order for the company to succeed he needs to plan and organize his goals.

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Using these skills increases the ability to see the organization as a whole. It would help Mr. Benton to understand the relationships among the different offices and see how the organization fits into its broader environment. These skills are cruel for the top management and will the company will grow and it will also allow Mr. Benton to grow as a person.

Mr. Benton can apply the skills mastered in his company by realizing how the out-of-state offices are connected to the other offices. By understanding this he can understand the business as a whole and decide on the objectives and then proceeding to plan and organize management task. Therefore, mastering conceptual skills are recommended to learn since it will help the CEO understand the company as whole making better decisions and resolving the problems at ease.

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