The style of language Essay

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The style of language

After making my decision on the content of my presentation I had two ways of presenting it in my mind. The first was to type up the HTML source on my web site in FrontPage Express and to do my presentation on the Web and the second way was to use Word and PowerPoint. After thinking about my target audience and the information I wanted to show I decided to go for PowerPoint. I have used this programme before and have had success with it.

I knew that I wanted to do a slide show and knew PowerPoint has special applications and because I am aiming at a young audience I knew that PowerPoint would help me making my presentation interesting as well as easy to follow I have started of by typing all the information that I plan to put into my presentation into Word. I could have used notepad but I find Word a more powerful programme with lots more facilities available. I was able to type quickly, use fonts, tables, borders and shading.

I wanted to include a database and I have chosen Access as this will be able to do the job and I will be able to retrieve information I need quickly and efficiently and to do any queries my audience may have. I wanted to include a flowchart in my presentation and first of all looked at Visio. I thought this to be a good programme and it would have done what I wanted but as I was already working in PowerPoint I thought it would save me time if I used the Flowchart contained in this programme.

I am using the same programmes at home and at school and when I update my work I e-mail myself the changes in the form of an attachment. Hardware I am using my personal computer at school together with my home computer. They are both Pentium based computers with CD-ROM, sound card and Internet access. The operating system I am using is Windows 95 with a 64 KB RAM. This hardware gives me the speed I need and has plenty of spare capacity on the hard drive.

Collected information from the Internet and mobile phone shops on different tariffs. Put all the information together into a clearer format and placed information in database so easy to access. Collected information from the Internet and mobile phone shops on different models. Downloaded pictures of latest models from internet and placed in PowerPoint. Put information from mobile phone shops into my presentation into language that teenagers would associate with.

Collected information from Internet and Police station on how to keep your mobile phone safe. Produced a colourful, easy to read leaflet listing main ways to keep your phone safe. Produced questionnaire and gave out to teenagers to complete On receiving questionnaires back I put information into easy to read graphs. Implementation of Solution – Data verification and validation To check that all of the text information is correct I will get my next door neighbour, who is a policeman, to check the information on mobile phone safety.

I will get someone from my local mobile phone shop to check the prices are current and that the phones I have listed are the latest mobiles available and I will look in the internet to check that no new announcements have been made on mobile phone health risks. I will ask someone from year 7 and someone from year 12 to look at my presentation and make sure that they can access it easily, have no trouble following my slides and ask them to check that my animation works. I will use Word to spell and grammar check my text. Implementation of Solution – Data and program structures

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