The Study of Advertisement in Promotion Essay

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The Study of Advertisement in Promotion

In promotion, there are many tools. There are advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations, publicity, etc. while advertising is very important in sales promotion, and in market competition. Advertising is used to publicize a new product, or to remind the public that a product is still around or, most commonly, to show the advantages, utilities and features of a product in comparison with rival products.

With development of society, companies want to build brand loyalty, boost sales and make people know them. Beyond all question, ad is the most effective way. Ad is everywhere; where there are people, there is ad. Full use of advertisements should be made to enhance products’ competitive power in domestic and international markets. So understand it sufficiently, we will know the importance of advertising if we set up a company. In this paper, we will analyze the roles of advertising in promotion. [Key words]: advertisement promotion

In the past 20th century, the advertisement has almost effect a century in promotion. For the new products, market development, enterprise investment and so on, advertisement across every domain of promotion. If we want to understand advertisement deeply, we should learn form zero.


Advertisement is an action or form of communication whose purpose is to inform potential customers about products and services and how to obtain and use them. The function of advertisement ● To boost sales ● To build brand loyalty Major types of advertisement media 1. Newspaper: Low in cost and can be prepared and placed within minimum time. 2. Television: Reach a vast captive audience of all types with colorful and eye-catching messages. 3. Radio: inexpensive in terms of preparation and spots and are particularly effective for certain types of audience. e.g. taxi driver, house wives. 4. Direct Mail: personalize and effective in reaching specifically targets people. 5. Magazines: make good use of color, have a long life than TV or newspaper ads. 6. Internet: Attractive and cost less, can be viewed any time the viewers like and can be modified any time the advertisers feel necessary. 7. Outdoor: high visibility and repeated exposure.

The action of advertisement in sales promotion To boost: under normal conditions, the influence of advertisement spread is always positive. Advertisement spread product itself or any other relevant information for customer through all kinds of media way, make the relationship between product and customer from unfamiliar to familiar. Generally, it can make the number of sales increase. The main performance is as follows: Enterprise make varies attractive concept for product through advertisement spread, induce target consumer to buy their products, thus increase the sales volume of products.

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