The Structure of Viacom

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We would like to analyze the structure of Viacom in two aspects, enterprises and management.

In terms of enterprises, Viacom has its parent company, subsidiaries and divisions. To be more specific, the parent company of Viacom is National Amusements. The subsidiary is Viacom 18, which includes VH1, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, Sonic Nickelodeon, Colors and Rishtey. The divisions of Viacom could divide into two parts. One section is Film Production and Distribution, including Paramount Motion Pictures Group(Paramount Pictures, Paramount Vantage, Insurge Pictures, Paramount Animation, Paramount Pictures International), MTV Motion Pictures Group(MTV Films, Nickelodeon Movies), Paramount Home Entertainment, Paramount Famous Productions, United International Pictures and Republic Pictures(or Republic Entertainment).

In terms of management, there are 15 senior managers in Viacom. The President and Chief Executive Officer is Philippe Dauman. The Chief Operating Officer is Thomas E. Dooley, who leads James Barge(Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer), Wade Davis(Executive Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development), Carl D. Folta(Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications), Michael D.

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Fricklas(Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary), DeDe Lea(Executive Vice President, Government Affairs), Scott M. Mills(Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Administration) and James Bombassei(Senior Vice President, Investor Relations). Besides, other managers are Robert Bakish(President and Chief Executive Officer, Viacom International Media Networks), Brad Grey(Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Paramount Pictures Corporation), Cyma Zarghami(President, Nickelodeon), Debra Lee(Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BET Networks), Van Toffler(President, Music & Logo Group) and Doug Herzog(President, Entertainment Group)

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