The Stress Associated with Taking Tests Essay

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The Stress Associated with Taking Tests

For some students that final test could possibly determine if they just barely skim by, pass, or even fail the course that they just spent so many hours and dedication to complete. With the final grade of the test weighing so much on the percentage scale it is very easy to become stressed out about passing or failing. But with knowing the whole reasons why students might be stressing about a test can bring the anxiety down a notch. Within this essay it will be broken down into studying and working environments, modern day technology with all the habits that it brings.

It will also inform on good ways to build up to take the test and some tips to be to the mental max before the test! With that being said lets jump into the exploration of preparing for, and taking tests! First and foremost, as the class of COLL100 has already studied and performed time over time the environment in which we study. Let’s start out with this sentence here “In the modern world, children are attached to iPods, smart phones, text messages, Facebook, and instant message. ” (Markman A. (2012)) In this day in age few people can go without the modern technology that we have access to.

Most of the time these luxuries will wind up distraction students from their goals. When studying, place the cell phone across the room or in another room. Do not click the new tab button to bring up Facebook or another communication site. Try to stay distraction free and habit free. As humans it’s become a habit to play on the cell phone, check Facebook all the time, or even texting five people at once. For some people a good environment is sitting at a desk. Papers, pencils, pens, etc. all has to be organized, neat, and clean. For other people it might be at a park with a binder, pen, maybe a couple of highlighters.

Leaning against a tall oak tree enjoying the beautiful day and soaking up the sun. Every person has a specific environment they prefer to study and work in, but it is advised not to be a busy or heavy distraction place. Every person is only as valuable as the information that he/she retains. “We are not what we know but what we are willing to learn. ” —Mary Catherine. This quote goes almost perfect with the following paragraphs. What is a test? What is the purpose of a test? Testing is all about what students have learned over a certain chapter, certain subject, or even the one that everyone hates…. the course.

Any test in the world is always what it seems to be a different language. The way that the test is worded is ridiculous, almost like the test maker wanted every student to re-read the question two or three times just to comprehend the question. Students not re-reading the question or reading the directions of the test will easily cause a student to fail the test. So in preparation for the test, get used to taking test. Find a study guide, or an example of a test to prepare for the questionnaire. Confidence is another key to a test! For an example; a man is sitting in a bar, he sees a fine looking woman at the end of the bar.

He walks up to her to meet her, before and while he’s walking he is not thinking, “Oh gosh, she don’t want to have anything to do with me, I’m a failure, she’s going to ignore me”. No! That man is thinking that he is the king of the castle! Thinking of nothing but the female is going to go head over heels for him. That is how students have to approach a test. If a student approaches a test with a mindset of failing, most likely that student will fail. But if the same student approaches it with confidence he/she will have a greater chance to get the educated guessing questions correct.

Students have to counterbalance the negative input they’ve heard about them self’s or know about their school work (Wolfpert-Gawron, H. (2009)) This next paragraph will start out with this; “Aerobic exercises, including jogging, swimming, cycling, walking, gardening, and dancing have all been proved to reduce anxiety and depression. These improvements in mood are proposed to be caused by exercise-induced increase in blood circulation to the brain and by influence on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and, thus, on the physiologic reactivity to stress. ” (Petty F. M. D. Ph D. 2006))

With this being said some exercise would be a benefit for the morning of the students test. It would help reduce the anxiety of the test, and help the students thought processes a little more, which might help with comprehension of questions from the test he/she is taking. There are a lot of distractions during testing times. Clocks ticking, people bouncing their feet, sniffing, coughing, and the occasional sleeper catching a light snore every now and then. These are the distractions that students cannot control, but there are others that students can. Becoming sleepy, hungry, thirsty, or just keeping concentration.

For sleeping it would be advised to get an adequate amount of sleep the night prior, and then exercise a little that morning. But don’t push the body to hard or sleep might be knocking at the door. Something light to snack on is also been proved to help the mind process information, smooth anxiety, and take the mind off the stomach and be placed back in the groove of the test. A light snack like crackers, granola bar, or nutria-grain bars are recommended during or right before test. As goes a bottle of water, to wash it down with, and take the students mind off thirst and back to the test.

As for concentration all depends on the student, if the student is interested in the subject then there is no breaking away, as goes the same if the student is confident in his/hers work. When the student is not confident then the distractions are easy to see. The student does not want to take the test and is counting down the clock that moves like molasses. Test are mental games, they can be easy with the proper amount of studying and preparation. Test can also be the most difficult things in the world with false preparation or no preparation at all. The World is in the students palm, it all depends on how much the student wants to succeed.

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