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The strengths of a Goalkeeper Essay

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For my GCSE PE Coursework I’ll be writing about the strengths of a Goalkeeper. A Goalkeeper always needs to be fit before a match because even though he doesn’t need to run on the pitch a lot a goalkeeper needs to be fit because if they are not fit they will have difficulties diving to reach a ball when an opponent tries to score and also the keeper might get the ball blasted onto him so he might go down because he is not fit enough to take the shot coming towards him.

A Goalkeepers vision is very important for his job because if the keepers vision is bad he wont be able to see the shots coming towards him and then the opponent can score a goal. I think the most important part of a Goalkeepers currier is if he has good grip with his hands because if he is clumsy the opposing player shot will slip right through the keepers hands therefore he lets in a silly goal so the keeper must make sure he has his hands nice and steady and make sure he doesn’t have a injury to one of his fingers because if his fingers are injured and the ball hits it hard the keeper could have a broken finger and that could be a permanent injury ending his goalkeeping currier.

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A Goalkeeper must be a good goal kick taker and also have to do good long balls otherwise if he cant that means there is a very big risk every time he has to take a goal kick and could accidentally pass to the opposing player leaving him a good chance to score. One of the main skills that a keeper has to have are his diving skills because a football goal is quite big so you need to be a very good diver in order to get the ball when it is shot on goal otherwise the keeper cant do much besides stay in one spot or move left or right.

One of a goalkeeper strengths has to be how alert he his this is called reaction time a keeper when he sees a ball he as to be alert Page 2 of 2 To dive or jump to it as fast as possible otherwise he will be letting his team down and could cost him dearly in the future. A Goalkeeper strengths must also be Accuracy because if he’s going to kick the ball when it’s a goal kick he has to know where he’s kicking it to otherwise he will be wasting time kicking it around the pitch or he could make a mistake and kick it to a opponent leaving him a chance to score.

Another keepers skill that he must master is Agility because if he has to go and chase a ball that a striker from the opposing team is also chasing he has to be fast enough to get the ball and clear it so the opponent wont benefit and end up scoring. A really testy skill that some keepers have trouble with are balance a keeper must be able to balance himself after he’s taken a hard shot because if he cant balance himself after the ball was blasted onto him he could easily walk in the goal and scoring for the other team which would let your team down.

A lot of goalkeepers always happen to be tall from their hands to their feet they must be at least able to reach from the cross bar to the floor otherwise an opponent could easily chip the ball over your head and score a goal so a goalkeeper has to have good height to play and also a Goalkeeper should also have a high jump because if somehow he’s out off his 6 yard box anyone could lob him and he has to have a good high jump to catch the ball or at least stop it from going into the goal.

CONCLUSION I think that the goalkeeper has the hardest job on the pitch much harder than a defender or midfielder or forward because the goalie has to take all the hard shots and takes a lot of hits by the ball or opposing player trying to score he has to sacrifice himself when he has to jump or dive to stop the ball and when he dives he also has to risk not banging on to the post and risk smashing his head that’s why the keeper I think works the hardest on a pitch because of all these reasons.

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