Mother and Daughter Essay

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Mother and Daughter

Yollie from “Mother and Daughter”, by Gary Soto is remarkable because she has many admirable characteristics while this story takes place at Yollie’s house. Yollie is very intelligent. Her family is very poor. She often is a joker but has to deal with her mom teasing her back. Yollie is very intelligent, poor, a joker, and very lovable but her mom and her struggle to find more money for them to buy new things. Yollie shows many traits throughout the story, “Mother and Daughter”. In the beginning of the story the author states that she is very intelligent.

She is the smartest kid at her school, St. Teresa’s. Another example is always a whiz at the school’s monthly spelling bee. These two examples show she is very intelligent. While Yollie and her mom were watching a scary movie, Yollie was tired from playing soccer with her neighbors; she couldn’t keep her eyes open so she woke up and said “Mom can you wake me up after the movie is over so I can go to bed. ”(p. 110) Yollie’s mom didn’t wake her up so Yollie went to the kitchen and poured a glass of water and set it on her mom’s nightstand next to her alarm clock.

Another of Yollie’s jokes was the next morning she woke up to make breakfast. She burnt her mom’s toast “accidentally”. These were examples showing how Yollie is a joker. In the middle of the story, the author states that Yollie and her mom are very poor. This doesn’t mean that they live in the streets begging for money but it means they only have very little money that they need to save to pay for house bills or to save for college. One example is when they just spent one hundred dollars on their dented Chevy Nova.

Another example is when Yollie needed a new outfit for the eighth grade fall dance but they don’t have the money to buy a new outfit. The reason why they didn’t have enough money because Yollie’s mom had little money stashed away for Yollie to go to college. All Yollie’s mom could afford was to buy black shoes with velvet bows and black fabric dye to dye Yollie’s white summer dress black. This shows that Yollie and her mom don’t have any extra money to spend on new things.

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