The Street And Being One Of The Essay

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The Street And Being One Of The

Robert Swindells shows us that the life of being a dosser and being one of the ‘invisible people’ is a grim one. Throughout the book he reminds us that living on the street is dangerous, tiring and uncomfortable. This is illustrated by the main character, Link, being homeless and having to doss in doorways. Link is the main character of the novel, ‘Stone Cold’. He is sick of his Mother’s new boyfriend, Vince, “He’s changed her. That’s one of the things I hate him for. ” He is then pushed over the edge and decides to become homeless. At first Link decides to remain in his home town of Bradford, in Yorkshire.

For a while life is not too bad. He went to his sisters house, Carole, to get a weekly bath and cut his hair. After a while Carole’s boyfriend Chris no longer wanted him around. “He got resentful of my visits. He didn’t actually say anything to me, but I could see it in his eyes and hear it in his tone of voice”.

It was because of this that Link decided to leave for London. During Christmas Link is invited back to stay with Carole and Chris. This may seem kind but as Link says it “It was the worst Christmas I’d ever had. ” This was because of his Christmas present. It was a sleeping bag.

This told him that Carole and his mum thought of him as a dosser and a person that will always be a dosser, even if they were just trying to make his life on the streets as comfortable as possible. Later, when Link goes back to London he rents a room from ‘Rat face’, a unpleasant character who takes from Link of what little money he has. ”

‘Friday’s rent day, sunshine. ‘ ‘But I moved in on a Monday’ I protested. ‘And paid two weeks. That makes the room mine till Sunday night. ‘ ” Rat Face kicks him out. This is Links biggest mistake, spending money on a room instead of on food and also arguing with someone who is bigger than him.

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