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The stranger was a ghost Essay

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The stranger was a ghost

It was in the summer season I was on my way home for a holiday. I had really longed to be at home especially during this period as it is also the time I celebrate my birthday. I needed to pass by the supermarket and do some shopping since I had planned of having my birthday party indoors with my friends. The big day being only two days away then meant that I needed to do some shopping instead of having to run for some items during the last minute. As I parked my car outside the supermarket and quickly reached out for my ‘to buy list ’I noticed a very pretty lady standing by the telephone booth. But just as I came out I lost interest in her since I was sure that her face didn’t look any familiar.

I went ahead to the supermarket and there did most of my shopping, which took quite some time, approximately 2hours. I went to the counter and paid and pushed the carrier to the car, suddenly I realized that I had misplaced my key to the car door, looked in my shopping bags, nothing! Inside my jeans pockets but lo! I was then sure of one thing, that my key must be lying some where in the shelves of the supermarket where I must have placed them as I read the prices and probably compared what quantities of items to buy.

Any one would have forgiven me as I was a bit confused with the huge shopping something that I was not used to. I made to the supermarkets but as I entered I saw the same lady again, this time I noticed that she actually looked at me as if ready to say hey but I was in much haste of which she must have noticed. I went right in the supermarket and started going from one shelf to another; appeared like I was doing a double task because I literally went to all the shelves I had earlier picked items from. The key was right on the last shelf what a pity? Had I thought of doing the rounds but on a reverse I would have saved a lot of time!

The lady made a point of stopping me on my way out, she called me “Paul is it you”? I turned to her and said no am sorry but my name is Peter. But were you at Braubern High School? I told her yes that is where I went for my high school education and had a friend by the name Paul and people mistook us for another so this wasn’t so unusual. So I was kind to her and told her that I was abit in a hurry and so needed to go. She was reluctant but said if I didn’t mind for her to give me her mobile phone contacts so that incase I met Paul I would give it to him.

I reached out for my phone and apologized to her that my day had been hectic as I had even misplaced the key to my car. She told me that she had noticed that I had lost peace when she saw me running back to the supermarket. I reached for my phone and she gave me her contacts and when she gave her name as Tracy I gave her a second look since that was the name of my first girlfriend. A girl I had met at a theatre in college and we had talked for so long on the first night that by the time we were actually parting ways to go back to our school vans we felt like we had known each other half our lives!

One thing I was sure about was that this is not her at least not my Tracy. Whatever had happened between me and Tracy was sort of a mystery because after seeing each other for quite sometime during vacation, had fallen for one another intimately and had known that for sure we were meant to be together and that we were to do anything within our powers to make it happen. The last time I had seen Tracy was at the beach and coincidentally it was also the best time together. But she had disappeared from me in a mysterious way, a way that I can’t describe as she felt me taking a drink at the beach and she had told me she needed to sand bath, something I never enjoyed doing but she had told me that she would be back in a while.

That is the last I saw her. I made reports about that and even the search of her in the waters became fruitless. I had only known that she lived alone and was actually an immigrant so efforts to track her family were frustrated especially because after her education she had moved to another state. Anyway all this I remembered after this lady gave her name as Tracy and inside I was burning with an interest of knowing her more, knowing if she had anything to do with my girlfriend. I quickly told her that I would be calling her later and she was like that is very okay and indeed she was looking forward to communicating with me later. I gave my phone contact too.

As I drove home that evening I kept remembering all the good things that had happened between me and the initial Tracy, the way we had loved each other, the promises we had promised each other, the respect and all that, and I felt I missed her, missed her hugely! A cold chill ran through my backbone for I could not avoid remembering that she had disappeared mysteriously. Perhaps she had left me through this way intentionally or may be it was as a result of not loving me as she had appeared to. Could it have been a way of hurting me? I had promised to take my time before committing to another girl but sincerely speaking I knew I would not mind having this second Tracy as a close friend, perhaps to help me forget of my past love life. My night was full of this lady!

The following day I made up my mind and called her, I was not going to suffer in silence anymore, I asked her if I could met her for an hour as we have a drink over our talks and she told me she could only get available in the evening, this didn’t exactly suit my agenda since I needed to be home the whole evening and doing preparations for the following day but I all the same said that was okay to see her then. I was so anxious, seeing like time was on a stand still, like the clock had stopped ticking. I was not sure if it was okay to tell her the old story of the other lady, or to first give her time and observe her character, I was only sure of one thing: that I needed to be with her, at least even if it was for an hour!

Time came and we had sat and made our orders that I kept stealing glances at her not to appear rude if I stared, I told her about my following day agendas and infact invited her also to the party. One thing led to another and we had stayed out late, when I asked her if she could come with me for the preparations she didn’t hesitate but said as long she could get a taxi from my place to her home in the late hours after helping.

Tracy was so helpful she did most of what was worrying me and In a short while, then I asked if it would be okay if I let her sleep in the guest room and maybe leave in the morning to return later for the party. She must have also liked me as she said no problem, that whole evening she made me feel important, a man…..wanted and loved, there are the moments in my life I hoped that would last forever. We kissed and hugged tons! Finally I showed her where to rest for the night and I closed the main door and went to my room to rest also.

I was up early the following day and after I made breakfast, I made it to the room where she was supposedly asleep and tried calling her name but Lo! There was no one there! Absolutely no one! Why had this happened to me again? Why had I gone all the way with a stranger? How had she made her way out? I had had the key to the main door all the night. Why was this spirit following me?

For at this moment I had no doubts that this was a ghost even of the same first Tracy. My day was completely spoilt, when my friends arrived later in the day they had to make food for themselves for I had not done a thing, I was even scared and stayed out at the verandah all the day thinking that if I went inside the house the ghost would haunt me, believing It was still within. My friends then moved me to another apartment and I sworn to myself never again, Strangers not me!

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