The Stranger Literary Responce Essay

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The Stranger Literary Responce

In a modern society people are often quick to judge others for being indifferent and making bad choices that they overlook the similarities between themselves and the person(s) being accused. A quote states, “The society Meursault lives in is as indifferent, as insensitive, and as moral as Meursault himself.” I agree with this quote because in the novel “The Stranger” by Albert Camus, Meursault plays a role in indirectly showing the reader through his natural actions of stoicism in his personality how society is not much different, indifferent.

Meursalt acts as a mirror to society revealing in for how it truly is un-thoughtful and insensitive. The major points that have been often reoccurring throughout the novel are how indifferent and amoral Meursault is when it is shown that the society is in no form any better or more just. Throughout the novel Meursault is constantly displayed as a stoic individual who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining. Meursault’s character is often brought into question by those who contact and observe him. It is introduced to the reader at the very beginning of the novel that his mother, “Maman” had died and that his demeanor was unmoved.

Meursault mentions how he can only register physical necessities of life meaning that he is emotionally detached which leads to his own demise. However, society views Meursalt as a terrible person because it is generally unnatural for a man, more less a human being to feel or express little to no remorse for their mother dying. Arguably Meursault is a cold hearted killer who would easily murder someone without any hesitation and no sense of remorse, using the fact that he killed an Arab to back this claim.

However, he is not as cruel as society is. First off, the society does not treat Meursault with an equal respect or a caring attitude. Though Meursault has committed murder and was charged for insensitivity the society in The Stranger overlooks everything else basically including Meursault himself as other offenses are belittled will Meurault is almost automatically sentenced to death.

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