The story to a romance

The women compare the story to a romance, something that Holmes would never do. Marston is more concerned for Thaddeus’ welfare than the opportunity of money. Holmes completely absorbs himself in the case, which he says is ‘consuming me’. He ‘busied himself all evening’ an experiment. While Holmes trusts Watson, he knows that Watson can not do as good a job as himself. Watson finds it hard to doubt Holmes. Athelney Jones secretly admires Holmes, but sees him as a rival purely for the sake of impressing others.

He like many others, seeks Holmes for guidance.

Holmes has now assumed complete control over the police; ‘tell them to stop’. Holmes has now learnt not to overlook the simple things, and not to look for a more spectacular conclusion to a case. Jones has a very reckless approach to work, he says he would have ‘arrested them when they came down’. Holmes has a more tactical approach. Holmes is very desperate to bring the case to an end.

It has had a very stressful impact on his life, he says ‘we must get them’.

The men onboard Aurora clearly do not regard Jones as a very authorative figure as they ignore his yells. Small turned the boat in desperation. If he knew he would get stuck, he would not have disembarked from the boat. Holmes shrugs off the chance that they could have died, whereas the more emotional Watson ‘turned sick’ at the thought. The treasure has a very negative effect on many people.

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Only strong willed people can rise above it’s lure.

Jones had become to credit himself with the capture. Marston did not seem to eager about the retrieval of the treasure, as she can probably see the trouble it could bring. She does realise however, all the trouble it has caused and at least acknowledges the ‘pretty box’. Watson realises how much stress the expedition has placed upon him. They both felt held back by the treasure, and were relieved that it did not exist. Now they were free to love each other. Holms and Watson do not mind there is no treasure. The other are angry, that they have laboured so much for nothing. Small made sure no one could have it if he had no chance of claiming it. He seems to have accepted a nasty fate. He holds no grudge against Holmes.

He ran away from home to escape his problems. He was angry that his perfect life and all his friends were killed by natives. Small was a good man who would give his life for the good of the army. He was obsessed by the treasure – he was corrupted by it. He felt guilty about killing in cold blood. But it as the mans life or his. He was very lonely in prison. ‘I was very lonesome’. He remained true to the oath he made sure he ‘helped my companions’. Small became overpowered by revenge, it was an ‘absorbing passion’. Small accomplished what he set out to do and was very co-operative. With the case over, Holmes goes back to his drugs.

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