The Story of Two Brothers, Living Away From Home and Missing It Terribly During Eid

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According to Stun’s Model:

Source dimension:

The source dimensions are divided into three types that are discussed below:

  • Sponsor
  • Author
  • Persona


Shan Foods (Pvt) Limited is a Pakistani manufacturer of packaged spice mixes used in Pakistani cuisine, Indian cuisine and other countries of South Asia. The manufacturer of Shan food is Sikandar Sultan. The fame of these products is due to the saving in time required to make traditional meals.


This advertisement is beautifully conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather Pakistan.

This ad was published on June 21, 2015.


There where two boys and their mother is a persona in this act who beautifully acted in this ad and make it more beautiful by using the theory of emotions.

Message Dimension:

There are three message dimensions according to stun’s model:

  • Auto biography
  • Narrative message
  • Drama message

In this ad they have used the concept of Drama Message. It tells the story of two brothers, living away from home and missing it terribly during Eid.

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It starts with the younger brother, who looks tearing up and telling his elder brother how he misses home and his mother’s food. The elder brother then sets out to give him a little taste of home, miles away from home in what appears to be San Francisco. He heads to the local grocery store there, picks up fresh produce, coupled with Shan masalas and attempts to cook a delicious meal fit for Eid. When the younger one comes one, he’s surprised to find a home cooked dinner and his parents on Skype chat on the dinner table.

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Receiver Dimensions:

There are three receiver dimensions according to stun’s model:

  • • Implied consumer
  • • Sponsorial consumer
  • • Actual consumer

Implied Consumer:

The implied consumers in this ad are the people living in abroad. Shan has created a story that how Pakistanis living in abroad alone can easily create desi food by themselves.

Sponsorial Consumer:

The Sponsorial consumer in this ad are the manufacturer of that company who passed the ad by seeing the concept that how beautifully the script has been designed and as our audience is quiet emotional so it may target a large number of people.

Actual Consumer:

This ad is a big success 9/10 people actually consume this product especially the people living in abroad. The pain of being away from home especially on a festive occasion is hardly captured or shown in such an accurate way in the mass media industry of advertising.

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