The Story of the Star Spangler Banner By Ryan Jacobson Essay

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The Story of the Star Spangler Banner By Ryan Jacobson

This book is about the history of our National Anthem that was written amidst the war between the people of Maryland who were attacked by a British Fleet. This happened between 1812 and 1814 at the Fort Mc Henry where the faith of the country rested in the waiving of the flag. For 24 hours, the American flag stood still despite constant attacks by the enemies. Both parties decided that a flag truce will determine the winner of the war; in short, the last flag standing will be the victor.

The climax of the story happened a little over midnight when the firing stopped and there was silence.  The soldier named Francis Scott Key which is also the main character of the story together with a friend soldier of his was held captive by the British Fleet. When dawn came they looked at Fort McHenry to see which flag is waving in the air and to be called the victor. Just as the first ray of light hit the flag they saw that it was still stars and stripes and not that of the British Fleet.

In joy Mr. Key took from his pocket a pen and paper and there in the oddest place a soldier could be during a war, a boat beside the British Fleet, he wrote the poem “The Star-Spangled Banner” with all the pride and joy he have at that very moment.The British Fleet lost the battle and Mr. Key went back to the shore and gave the copy of the poem to his uncle who printed it. The soldiers sang the poem in the tune of “To Anacreon in Heaven” and since then many loved to sing the song.

            The book tells us a lot about the events that led to the making of our national anthem which is The Star Spangled Banner. This is good since most of the children’s books that are written about the song just tell us about the meaning of the lyrics of the song word for word. The book by   Ryan Jacobson says a lot about the detail and event that let Mr. Key into writing the song which years later, in 1938, was officially declared our national Anthem. I take pride and honor when hearing the song and watching our flag wave as a symbol of victory and freedom since it reminds me of how Mr. Key and the rest of our ancestors fought for our land.


            Jacobson, R. 2006  The Story of the Star-Spangled Banner, USA

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