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The story of stuff Essay

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The story of stuff

Since the beginning of civilization, man has been working for sufficing his personal and community needs. What started as a need to survive has transformed into a vicious cycle of consuming the planet to sustain selfish desires. The movie “the story of stuff” is an excellent recreation of the actual happenings that have made people victims of their own desires. The movie very carefully first lays down the concept of the functioning of our natural resources that is to be known or rather shown to us from many years. Once the normal routine is shown, the movie takes us to a ride which explains every single facet right from natural resource extracted for production, then to distribution and later to consumption and disposal.

The movie is very cleverly made and it leaves no stone unturned for the concept to reach to its viewer with the medium of simple animation. With excellent narration the movie reaches out and explains aspects that actually are not give much thought about for instance, when natural resources are send into toxin oozing factories in third world countries, the pollution which is left by the these factories not only affects the third world country but also the rich western country as currents take the pollution back to them.

The movie also sheds light on issues such toxins being used in companies and later when the product for which it was used is all set to be disposed the toxins inside it become super toxins like dioxin which are very harmful for everything. It has been a known fact that the resources of this world are being used in large quantities, but the movie explains the part that not only it is being used in huge bilks but also the rate in which a product is being injected in the market and later disposed is awe striking.

                                    The movie does a fantastic job in reminding us that in the midst of all the luxury and infinite products to choose from we are self immolating ourselves as apart from the natural resources and the environment, we are polluting the word mankind itself. The concept of how a cheap product is actually made and has a low rate not only makes one think but also one starts feeling guilt as people from all around the world have to pay away with their lives their environment for a product to be cheaper than cheap. The movie leaves its viewer with a heart sunk feeling and just makes the viewer open his eyes to places he had closed for his own benefits.

The ugly nexus of corporations and government is shown in such a way that makes one think, that can government for its own profits make corporations bigger while completing ignoring the hazard that is going to be caused by it. ‘The story of stuff’, is a remarkable film which in a very simplistic fashion explains the destruction happening and warns of a bigger destruction waiting at the corner. The movie inspires and makes its viewers think about investing in green chemistry and sustainability along with zero waste theory that would help people to live a life where they are more than just obnoxious consumers for greedy companies. The following stanza explains the need for a change to save the planet:

‘One of the keys to mainstreaming environmental sustainability is by making it easy for people to do the right thing, rather than requiring an extra effort to chose the environmentally preferable option’ (Annie Leonard).

Work Cited:

1) Annie Leonard, “The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry”. http://www.storyofstuff.com/blog/

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