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The story of Romeo and Juliet Essay

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The story of Romeo and Juliet is not only about love, and fate, but it’s also about the troubles and obstacles you must face in the meaning of love. A lot of people say they’ll do anything for love, but when It comes right down to it, not many people would be willing to give up their lives for the one person who means the world to them. Romeo and Juliet were meant to be together. They were destined for each other and fate kept them connected for as long as it could.

The second Romeo and Juliet laid eyes on each other there was love. “My only love sprung from my only hate.

” Romeo said those words because he knew their families would not allow this. In my opinion, the worst kind of love, is love unspoken of. Romeo and Juliet had to keep their passion for each other very quiet, so that only a few close friends would know.

In the end destiny brings them back to each other. Even after all of the troubles life has put upon them, their bodies lie next to one another. Like I said, Romeo and Juliet had some major obstacles to encounter. Romeo and Juliet’s families were complete enemies. This made it very hard for the two to ever talk or have time to spend with each other.

When Romeo was waiting upon his letter from Juliet with information on their marriage there was a big commotion causing Romeo’s best friends death. Romeo then killed Juliet’s cousin, the one who killed his best friend because of anger. Once everyone was reveled about what had happened Romeo was sent away. This made things extremely complicated for the two of them, but some how they managed to be married. If you feel enough for another person, it’s plain to see sometimes there’s nothing this world can do to keep you away from them.

Unfortunately, fate has its flaws. Romeo and Juliet were meant for each other, by reading the story you know that. But you also know that it could never happen for them. Because of the love those two had for each other it caused both of them to kill themselves just to be with the other one. Love should never be this tragic. Everyone deserves a chance and it doesn’t matter how different people can be, what matters is the love they share together, and in life that bond can never be broken.

In my opinion its much easier to fall in love, then to fall out. It’s much easier to hold on, then to forget and it’s much easier to be strong, then to let go. If you love someone you can’t just let it by, you need to grab a hold of it and try giving it a chance. Everyone gets hurt once or twice in their lives but that’s the joy of the journey. But just never let go of something that means more to you then the world because you’ll never have that feeling again.

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