The Story of My High School Challenges and the Sacrifices of My Mom

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Getting out of high school, it was not as easy as I thought it would be. I was feeling lost and confused,. My parents was not able to afford college for me. At home I was this quiet kid that never questioned my parents about my future and about money. One of our quiet dinner I asked my mom: ” Mom what now?” and she responded Now what, what?” as she continues eating her dinner then she noticed that I was talking about my future she says ” Honey, it is all on you now, one thing I can do is help you find a job to start with”.

I started working with my mother in telecommunications business on the following week.. Our job was call to people for customer related survey, “Kat here is your phone list, all you have to do is to call the people that are on the list and follow this questionnaire” her mother handed this gigantic questionnaire to me and I asked “How will I hold somebody for this interview for over 30 minutes? I can’t make money that way” “Well you have to be very nice on the phone otherwise you if you do not finish the interview you not get paid.

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” Oh boy that was not easy an easy job!

I stayed working with my mother couple more months. My mother knew I was not happy the way my life was heading to. Every day after work she used to say to me“ Hon don’t be sad everything will be all right, I promise we will find you something exciting to do for you to be happy”.

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I never really said anything to my mother but I really wanted to go to college like all my friends were. “Mom don’t worry I will be fine” I responded to her.

One day after work my mom asked me ” Hon, remember I told you that you would find something exciting to do now that you finished high school?” “Yes, but what about it?” I asked, in that very second my head was spinning, I got so many ideas with in seconds but I would have never guessed right what she was planning on surprising me with “You are going away for couple of months and you will love it” she said. Well, I was really confused I didn’t know what to respond, I barely visited my grandmothers house which was just 40 minutes from my home.

As soon as we step home she scream my dad “Love we are home we need to talk to you”. We all sat down at the dinner table waiting excited to hear what my mother has to propose to me.” Come on Katia, we don’t have all night” said my dad “Ok, Ok… I was thinking about Kathilin’s life, and we all know that she is not happy and she is feeling kind lost so I had an idea, why she doesn’t go to USA for a year, where she can learn English, then she can get a better job back home, she will be able to afford college then.” Both, me and my dad froze at this minute, I had no idea my mom would have the courage to send me away!

“What you mean, Katia? Are you out of your mind? Where is she going? We cannot afford school, do you think we will be able to afford she going out of the country?” my dad asks my mom with a look on his face like saw a ghost, I guess he doesn’t want to loose his little girl. I also asked her how and where and when, poor mom she was so overwhelmed that we were not trusting her idea of me going away then she answers Ok, I knew you all you were going to ask this questions so I got this brochure from this travel agency so we can go through together. It is an affordable and nice program called ‘Au Pair’.” She was so ready with all answers not only to convince us but to make sure it was a safe thing to We sat at the dinner table for hours discussing about my future as an Au Pair in the US after all it was a really big change.

After that night, I called my girlfriends Bruna, and Andreia and asked to meet them in the restaurant that we all loved. As soon as I said that we would not see each other for a year, they were shocked, Bruna responded “What? This is not good, you are running away, are you? Andreia asked me“ Are you pregnant? “I laughed so much with their reactions and I responded to them “First if I was pregnant I would definitely not run away and second of all, I am not running away I am going to US to learn English so I can get a better job to be able to afford college” Both were very supportive with my decision, I was so glad I had those two as a friend.

Though the process to go to US it was a long one my mom helped me through with everything, “Hon let’s go take a picture” my mom says and I reply asking “What for?” she replies “For your passport”, Wow I am really going to US! Every day it felt more and more real to me. My last days in Brazil passed so fast that I could not believe. My last month in my country I got very sick I guess because I was so attached to everybody in my hometown that it was going to be hard to say good bye to everybody.

The day I left it was the saddest day of my life I saw my dad crying for the first time. At the airport he said to me “You still can change our mind if you wanted to stay you can stay, I am sorry I could not do much about your school but we all love you very much”. Well by this time I was crying too and about to leave. I wanted to stay as soon as I saw my dad devastated but I could not let my mom down after all the hard work she put into this program. “Take this phone card honey and as soon as you land please call us” my mom says to me. I had everybody in the airport with me, I had my best friends Bruna and Andreia, my grandmother was there as well and off course my mom and dad. It was hard to say good bye.

At the plane I met a girl soon to be my third best friend Evy. She saw that I was devasted and sad she asked me “I know it is non of my business but why you so sad?” I told her my whole story not knowing a new friendship was rising there… I told her that I did not speak a word in english and how hard was to leave my family she said to me “Don’t worry I am sure your host family in US will be as great as your family and that these year will fly you won’t want to come back home” then we both laughed.

I had an amazing time while living with my new host family in Sharon, MA. They were sweet and so nice. My first night there they made my favorite food lasagna and placed signs all over the house that said” The Kesselman’s family Welcomes You”. I felt so honored to just have this huge opportunity in my life and being able to have new members in my family. Since the day I left the Kesselman’s family I miss being part of their every day stuff, we still communicate writing letters to each other.

To this day I say thanks to the person who started everything, who had the courageous to send her daughter to other mother to take care of, my Mother.

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